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IHP Limited

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IHP is a Hong Kong technology startup. We are developing a system to materialize people's regards and messages with a physical, edible and indulging medium - Chocolate.

ChocoQuill is the system consists of a writing device, a user app and a back end server. The writing device is a desktop gadget to be situated in front window of bakeries or homes at competitive price. People can produce chocolate greetings plates of their own design from the unit with just a few touches which can hardly be made manually before.

Focusing on robotic writing & drawing technologies for market of bespoke food products, we will develop specific chocolate dispenser, 3D scanner, the "halofont" and toolpath algorithm. These technologies will be key of output quality, usability, efficiency and hence profitability.

Personalized food products have a ling lasting and universal market. Chocolate greeting plates on cakes are typical examples applicable to all cultures across the world. We expect the market grows by times because our system is able to diminish technical barriers, and let more people to explore new applications for personalized edible greeting products.