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GoldPorp Pharma Limited

Room 03, 1/F, Building 9W and S20 & S21, 6/F, Building 17W No..9 & 17 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, N.T.
+852 2831 5562
Professor Chi Ming Che

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GoldPorp is dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of best-in-class Targeted Chemotherapy for the treatment of advanced metastatic cancer. Our discovery and development efforts are focused on (1) drug candidates showing strong binding affinity to pivotal oncogenic proteins that are responsible for tumorigenesis migration and invasion of cancer cells, (2) formulation of these drug candidates to maintain their in vivo efficacy but with minimal toxicity, and (3) combined treatment based on our targeted chemotherapy and immunotherapy. GoldPorp aims to develop Superior Anti-Cancer Metal Medicines that are best-in-class in safety and efficacy, effectively turning late-stage cancers into a curable chronic disease.

Professor Che and the team have developed proprietary anti-cancer metal compounds that show excellent efficacy in killing metastasized cancer cells at animal-tolerable dosages in the studies. These inventions have been and will be exclusively licensed to GoldPorp, and we will further optimize the structures and develop formulations of these proprietary anti-cancer compounds, develop synergized combination therapies for cancer treatment, and antibody drug conjugates of these proprietary anti-cancer metal compounds.

Anti-cancer gold compounds have been actively studied in the pursuit of new metal-based anticancer therapeutics due to their much higher in vitro and in vivo cytotoxicity and anti-proliferative activities compared to the current platinum chemotherapy used clinically. Prof. Chi-Ming CHE’s research team at the University of Hong Kong has discovered and developed novel gold compounds displaying promising anti-tumor activity towards a broad spectrum of metastatic cancers. These proprietary gold compounds against multiple protein targets provide much better efficacy than cisplatin and carboplatin used for the treatment of advanced metastatic cancer:

• Proven to be effective against various a broad spectrum of cancers in multiple animal models, including the orthotropic ones
• Superior to the clinically used chemotherapy in cancer patient-derived organoids
• Effective against tumors such as nasopharyngeal carcinoma, liver cancer and pancreatic cancers that have no effective chemotherapy
• Effective toward drug-resistant cancer
• Inhibit metastasis and angiogenesis
• Eliminate cancer stem cells
• Binding to multiple oncogenic molecular targets that are responsible for the proliferation, invasion and migration of cancer cells with high affinity at sub-micro-molar concentrations.

Prof. Che’s team has developed new proprietary anti-cancer platinum compounds with similar efficacy to cisplatin but comparable safety profile as carboplatin. The direct molecular targets of these new anti-cancer platinum compounds have been identified and will be developed to replace cisplatin or carboplatin in the treatment of Stage IV Metastatic Cancers, either as a therapy alone or in combination with immunotherapy.