Company Details

GitStart Limited

Office 25, 3/F, Building 2W, No. 2 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park,Pak Shek Kok,N.T.
+852 55700940
Mr. Hamza Zia

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GitStart offers 3 distinct products for customers to build remote software development teams.
GitStart Accelerate allows teams to break down the project into week-long coding tasks and outsource them to hundreds of qualified developers on the GitStart platform to complete. Peer code reviews ensure that bad code is rejected early and reduce the rank of the developer transparently in the background.
GitStart Hire allows teams to hire the best remote developers based on their performance on real coding tasks from GitStart Accelerate.

GitStart Engine provides robust tools to remotely handle HR, payments, global contracts and implement time tracking and peer code reviews for developers hired as contractors outside of GitStart network. This forms the backbone for GitStart Accelerate and Hire to operate with world class talent and reputation.