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Film Players Limited

Chung Hin Chan

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We make good use of one of the world's most idled resources - Glass.

Film Players Limited was founded by Toby So Tak Ching in mid 2016 and joined the HKSTP family in November 2016. Having identified smart film as the next game changer, the company was set to disrupt the smart glass industry, the products of which are expensive and limited in functionality. We excavated the potential of Smart Film beyond being a simple curtain replacement,. Film Players Limited is one of a few companies in the world which use Smart Films to provide display solutions. We make things happen from ideas, and turn concepts into reality.

Smart Film's main function is for privacy. Using a remote or mobile app, you can adjust the opacity and transparency of the glass. It can replace window curtains, in bathrooms or in an office's conference room. Our products can also be a display module, showcasing logos, signage and useful information on glass. Imagine waking up with the instant weather information and time on your windows. We believe that our products can be applied at every corner of this world and make this world smarter and greener.