Company Details

Fancy Happiness Limited

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Founded in June 2016 in Hong Kong by two co-founders, Lawrence Yeung and Rita Ye, Fancy Happiness Limited (“Fancy Happiness“) is a leading computer vision technology startup utilizing deep learning techniques in our cutting-edge innovative solutions.  

We are committed to excellence by providing advanced solutions such as non-standardized products quality checks, QC Automation, Industry 4.0, etc. Our key project focuses on the development of specialty coffee bean sorting, using artificial intelligence particularly deep learning and pattern recognition to identify, recognize and distinguish objects as tiny as coffee beans from different angles, and be able to classify and sort them based on quality, grading or other requirements tailor made for our prospective customers.  This revolutionary invention is undergoing its final stage of testing before rollout.  Stay tuned!

Our team consists of world-class business driven young talents and top technical experts and consultants who are some of the most respected professionals in the industry.  Alongside past and current strategic partnerships with renowned organizations, Fancy Happiness has the proven experience to deliver high-quality products and best customer satisfaction.

We utilize emerging technologies, such as AI and Deep Learning, to develop a product that can distinguish the right objects from different materials even similar in shape, thus can simplify the post-process to save effort and cost.