Company Details

Emertech Limited

Units 45 & 50, 2/F, Shun Luen Factory 86 To Kwa Wan road, Kowloon Hong Kong
+852 94174674

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If creativity is to think of new things and innovation is to do new things, then we are committed to combine both with the objective of disrupting the market in meaningful ways.

A technology company dedicated to developing applications that bridge the gap between the digital world and the physical world, Emertech's innovations straddle the world of IoT, big data and blockchain. Supported by the HKSTP Incubation Programme, Emertech commercialized its first product – LOGGER360 – in 2021 with Ernst & Young overseas. We currently have projects in Hong Kong, the UAE, and Europe.

Similar to a black box in a plane LOGGER360 – our core product – seamlessly monitors, records, collects and analyses data about any object, piece of equipment, people or designated area. Able to turn the most mundane object into a smart thing, our "black box of things" helps industries generate valuable insights into everything that is happening in real-time.


We are truly grateful for the support we have received from HKSTP throughout our journey, from ideation and execution to growth and development.