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Unit 105D, 1/F, IC Development Centre No. 6 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T. HK
+852 34611379
Mr. Gary WONG

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Ecopia are food waste solution developer focusing on elimination/recycling of the organic waste by the application of the proprietary biological technology. Our continuous advancement of the knowhow in decomposing organic waste has achieved a new breakthrough in efficiency. Our technology could apply for wide range of organic waste treatment applications. We successfully developed and launched our food waste machine for commercial industry application which gained positive feedback from the market worldwide. And now we are developing more different applications to meet the huge demand of the organic waste treatment to reduce carbon footprint and landfill pressure.

Our food waste decomposing system called BEAM combining the technology of mechanical dynamics and biological decomposition know how under the dedicated control and monitoring of the electronic system. It can effectively decompose organic matter in an extraordinary speed into water and carbon dioxide and efflux into sewage system. Our BEAM machines has been in different commercial sectors such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels, schools etc. in HK, China, Japan, US and other parts of the world and gaining a very positive growing momentum from the market feedback. Our machines are continuously advancing in technology and design to combat the food waste issue.