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Ecobay Technologies Limited

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EcoBay is committed to building disinfection products as a sense of connection with users’ families, friends and fans. Our core values are longer, safe and smart living, with hygiene of utmost importance as well.

By creating sterile spaces, antibacterial surfaces, and guest-friendly experiences, we combine the antibacterial effects of far-UVC rays and the digital intelligence of IoT technology to decipher the specific location, time, and associated epidemic transmission issues, thus enhancing the quality of life of a smart city.

EcoBay Care222®is a brand new medical-grade sterilisation equipment, jointly developed by Columbia University, with a patented optical filtration technology which not only retains the high efficiency of traditional UVC technology, but is also harmless to humans and animals, and is more effective in killing new coronavirus variants. This reduces the risk of infection, with 99.9% disinfection achieved within ten seconds. The device is small, quiet and odourless, with a service life of as long as four years. It is thus an effective measure for long-term health protection. Currently, these devices have already been adopted in hospitals under the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong.

Traditional UVC contains mercury and should not be used near people, while chemical agents for disinfection, such as bleach, can make bacteria resistant to antibiotics. In the long run, it will not only pollute the environment, but also destroy the ecology when used in large quantities. EcoBay Care222® is designed to be used where you need it, not where you don't need it. We advocate safety, hygiene and sustainable development, so that the public can experience this hygiene revolution.