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Datago Technology Limited

Unit 210B, 2/F., Building 1E Phase One Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, N.T.
+852 3912 1063
Ms. Dorothy Liu

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Datago Technology Limited is a financial technology company primarily focused on providing Chinese text data analytics. By leveraging big data and artificial intelligence technologies to process large-scale text data from comprehensive sources like news, reports, and social media, it provides quantitative and easy-to-use structured data analytics for the capital market in mainland China and Hong Kong.

Our machine-readable text data analytics services allow users to overcome language barriers and extract valuable insights from large amounts of information. The products help users enhance returns, reduce risk, and improve operational efficiencies. Datago users include top asset management firms like hedge funds, security brokers, and research institutions worldwide.

We focus on the capital market of China and Hong Kong, and provide following text analytics services
1) Sentiment analytics service for the capital market. We provide real-time sentiment scoring service for listed firms based on text information from different sources, including news, social media comments, financial reports, etc.
2) Historical database service. We provide comprehensive historical databases for research institutions and research teams of financial corporations, such as news analytics database covering news over past 20 years and knowledge graph of social connections among executives, fund managers and auditors.
3) Data-driven Solutions. We further provide data-driven solutions, including stock trading support solution, risk management solution and due diligence investigation.