Company Details

D-Engraver Limited

Unit 507, 5/F, Building 2W No. 2 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, N.T.
+852 95225624
Mr. Jack Shing

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D-Engraver Limited is a company that focuses on blockchain data storage and transaction technology. We use the decentralization of the property blockchain and our original encryption strategy to make data authentic, non-destructive and confidential. Any data are stored in our blockchain database cannot be tampered or removed and can only be read by people with view access. Through our services, users can store sensitive and potentially controversial data in our database, then take it out at any time as evidence of notarization. In addition, because our blockchain database is deployed on the Internet, users can use the mobile application we provide to check their data anytime and anywhere. With such technical support, we hope to create a world which does not have a crisis of trust while protecting commercial privacy. For industrial application, we provide service to the supply chain traceability and finance for its sensitive data storage and encryption. It is not only beneficial to branding for controlling its IP, but also improve manufacturers’ financial loan amount by the notarization of relevant data on Blockchain.

Now we mainly provide services for branding and their supply chain. Our application is to record the industrial production data. We utilize sensors installation on mold and molding machine to collect the production data. Continuously, we storage on our blockchain database. For factory beneficial, our service makes it easier for them to monitor the production status and help them analyze production efficiency. For branding beneficial, our service helps them monitor factories and prevent them from defaulting on additional production. Our service form is cloud service. We will provide an independent cloud server for each company that uses our services. For branding, we will charge a monthly service fee based on the number of sensors that installed in the factory. For its supply-chain, we will charge service fee based on the data volume.

For each company, we will provide an independent cloud server with a blockchain node and a control terminal. The blockchain node will continuously mine. Users can manage blockchain data through the control terminal, like adding batches or set the corresponding batch to the sensor. Apart from this, we also provide a mobile application. Through the mobile application, users can connect to their own cloud server, and get all data they have access to view. Users only need to set the batch corresponding to sensors, then the data generated by sensors will be automatically encrypted and stored in the blockchain and presented on the mobile application.