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Boxtalk Media Limited

Unit 517, 5/F, Building 19W No. 19 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, N.T.
+852 51090802
Toby Wong

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Boxtalk's Packaging Technology promotes comprehensive plastic reduction and weight reduction packaging technology. We aim to develop into a vertical segment that covers front-end, mid-end and back-end, and absorb related supporting enterprises and resources. Doing a good product and inspiring an industry is not that simple. We aim to achieve that by adopting the model of "independent technology + patent cooperation + collaborative carbon management". As the company enters a rapid development cycle in the future, the production capacity scale and quality control under the founding model will become bottlenecks.

We focus on the development of green packaging and special packaging technology, with energy-saving and emission-reduction manufacturing technology and digital transformation. Our professional team creates innovative internal stability layers and uses edge materials to synthesise and regenerate new materials, and advocates weight reduction, plastic reduction and carbon reduction. We use self-developed products, technologies and equipment to achieve closed-loop industrial chain development, cooperate with local packaging companies or governments, and move towards integrated development of economic, social and environmental achievements to solve social problems, and achieve the goal of cooling by 1.5oC. Management and disclosure of climate-related risks and opportunities during the operation of the industry can help companies more easily adapt to market and environmental changes and achieve sustainable development.