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Blockchain Solutions Limited

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Miss. Ida Ho

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We Chain the World to the Future, One Block at a Time.

Established in 2017, Blockchain Solutions Limited specialises in providing unrivalled blockchain technology solutions and applications to our clients to transform their business models by building revolutionary solutions. We collaborate with entities in the private and public sectors, including three projects with the HKSAR Government.

We put heavy focuses on blockchain application project incubations. Our innovations are designed to be applied to the business settings of multiple industries, including financing, banking, logistics, manufacturing, retailing, payment and others. We are also open to bespoke customisation.

Blockchain Solutions Limited specialises in business-oriented blockchain applications, targeting industry pain points. One of our feature projects this year, CerTraze, was designed to resolve supply chain inefficiency.
CerTraze is a blockchain-based product tracing platform that enables enterprises/customers to trace their products while benefiting from the attributes of blockchains, i.e. immutability, traceability and security. The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated global supply chains. As such, products' origins, conditions during transportation and logistics checkpoints have become major concerns for manufacturers/suppliers. CerTraze is an answer to that. With CerTraze, we empower our clients to accelerate branding credibility while reducing cost and procedure for compliance.


HKSTP opens up tremendous networking opportunities through hosting networking events and business matching. HKSTP provides the space and connection needed for us to thrive and grow.