Company Details

Advanced Semiconductor Integrations Limited

Unit 608, 6/F,Building 19W, No. 19 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park,Pak ShekKok,N.T.
+852 9466 5978
Mr. Louis Wong

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ASI is an Analog, Mixed-Signal & Sensor fabless semiconductor company, and has locations in Hong Kong, the US silicon valley and Asia. Our design team have 25+ years of design experience in Low-Voltage and Low-Power Analog IC, Mixed-Mode IC, Sensor IC and ASIC. Our products include: High-speed high-resolutions ADC, DAC, Digital Isolators, Battery Management System BMS IC, Analog signal chain IC, Power Management PMIC, Sensors, Operational Amplifier, Medical Implantable IC, Wearable and Health Monitor IC, IoT IC. Our technologies have been successfully used in an estimated 1 billion chips/devices. Our customers include US, Japan, China, Europe and Asia companies spanning consumer, medical and industrial applications.

Our products include:
ADC – High-speed Flash ADC, pipeline ADC, Low-power SAR ADC, High-resolutions Sigma-Delta ADC, Hybrid-ADC, Serial ADC. Examples: 18bit 5Msps SAR ADC, 24bit Sigma-Delta ADC, 12bit Pipelined ADC, 10GS/s ADC, etc
DAC – Current steering DAC, Delta-sigma DAC. Examples: 8-bit DAC, 10-bit ADC, 12-bit DAC, 24-bit DAC
Digital Isolator – High voltage signal digital isolator
RF – NFC/RFID, WiFi 802.11, 400MHz–900MHz
Power Management – DCDC Buck/Boost, LDO, AC/DC
Timing – PLL, Oscillator, RTC
Battery Management System BMS IC – 14-cell BMS IC, 16-cell BMS IC, Fuel Gauge, Li-Charger, Coulomb Counter IC
Sensors – Capacitive, MEMS, Temp, Pressure, Radiation
Audio Codec, Class-G amp, Mic amp, LVDS, S-C Filters
Analog signal chain IC – Low Power Operational Amplifier, High-precision Low-offset Operational Amplifier
Medical and Health IC – Implantable IC, Implantable Pacemaker implantable IC, Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator IC, Implantable Cardiac Monitoring IC, Wearable and Health Monitor IC