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XGATE branches out to Mainland China and Southeast Asia with award-winning digital marketing solutions

31 Jan 2018

(Hong Kong, 31 January 2018) - XGATE Corporation Limited (“XGATE”) expands markets in Mainland China and Southeast Asia with its leading Digital Marketing Services (DMS) platform. The award-winning platform integrated marketing automation and data analytics is built for customer relationship management. XGATE headquartered in Hong Kong and has made great strides in advancing its proprietary DMS platform since moving into Hong Kong Science Park in 2009.


Takes home-grown innovation breakthrough to a new level 
Evolves Mainland China and Southeast Asia consumer businesses markets

The latest version of XGATE’s DMS platform features added capabilities in marketing automation, data analytics and loyalty system, on top of the functionality of broadcasting messages to customers by email, SMS and WeChat.

This year, XGATE has also integrated WeChat marketing into the platform; it is currently developing payment solution for designing an enhanced version of the solution, (DMS4.0) to support advanced segmentation using its predictive engine and campaign optimisation through applying artificial intelligence (“AI”) technology.

XGATE’s Director of Strategy, Patrick Tam said currently there is a high demand for driving O2O (online-to-offline) business, “We are able to create a disruptive business model for retail brands in Mainland China and Southeast Asia to improve their sales with a more robust O2O strategy and marketing automation on social media platforms; and we believe that we can pioneer in the niche market of WeChat automation in Mainland China,” said Patrick.

Patrick also said that the use of predictive analytics and AI for business intelligence will be a key milestone in the advancement of marketing technology industry, “Innovation is the cornerstone for marketers to improve their performance in today’s digital era. We believe that our DMS4.0 will future-proof our DMS platform technology and enable us to cater to more advanced CRM digital marketing needs, and make big-data processing jobs highly efficient. Our DMS platform could potentially be the first multi-channel marketing automation solution spanning the web, WeChat, SMS and email in China.”


Undertakes progressive transformation in Hong Kong Science Park’s ecosystem 

XGATE is certain that being a part of the innovation and technology ecosystem in Hong Kong Science Park has been one of the key contributing factors for its successful transformation, as it gets the full benefits of the support provided by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (“HKSTP”).

“Being a member in Hong Kong Science Park, the regional hub for innovation and technology helps us greatly in connecting with other technology companies and the industry as well as stimulating more innovative ideas that are crucial to our profound R&D achievements. Also, it is much easier to attract technology talent to work here in our headquarter in Science Park as young graduates love to be in an environment where like-minded professionals congregate. Most importantly, the networking and showcase events organised by HKSTP also give us great exposure and opportunities to build our profile and close deals, which are definitely essential to our development, ” Patrick said.

HKSTP’s Chief Technology Officer George Tee congratulated XGATE on its remarkable growth in the digital marketing. “We are delighted to see XGATE making its mark as the technology and data enabled customer relationships & life-cycle management solution provider in the region. XGATE’s successful development demonstrates that our ecosystem provides a stronghold for Science Park companies forging into Mainland China and other parts of the world. We look forward to seeing XGATE’s latest solutions by advancing AI and automation applications to benefit more consumer businesses in the local, Mainland China and overseas markets.”


Strategic market expansion to scale up further

XGATE has set up its regional offices in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai and Singapore. XGATE is powering into the immense Mainland China market with a two-prong strategy. First, it intends to expand its business in China by leveraging its recognised strength in digital marketing. Second, it aims to grow its technical competence for enhancing the DMS platform by hiring developers who are familiar with social media in Mainland China. As for its expansion into Singapore market, XGATE plans to establish a regional foothold to branch out in Southeast Asia by providing its innovative and cost-efficient CRM (customer relationship management) marketing solutions.

XGATE gained one latest award - 5th Mawards (梅花網營銷創新奬) from Shanghai: The Bronze award – Best CRM Marketing Innovation Award 2017 and three major awards in Agency of the Year Awards 2017– namely gold for CRM & Loyalty Agency of the Year, Silver for Direct Marketing Agency of The Year and Local Hero Awards 2017 – presented by Marketing Magazine in June 2017.


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