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HKSTP Boosts Industry Adoption of Robotics Through Technology Validation

Demo Day draws over 200 property management industry representatives, showcasing 20 local and overseas robots in action on campus

04 Dec 2023

Key Takeaways

  • HKSTP organised the "Smart Campus Challenge: Robots Everywhere" Demo Day and introduced the "Discovery" webpage to share technology validation results of property management robots, bolstering market confidence in tech applications.
  • Through scenario validation, HKSTP evaluated the real-world performance of robotics solutions, facilitating successful market adoption.
  • HKSTP and the Development Bureau collaborated on the "Tech Challenge: Location Matters!" program, leveraging spatial data to create an interactive park environment.

(Hong Kong, 4 December 2023) – Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) organised the “Smart Campus Challenge: Robots Everywhere” Demo Day, sharing knowledge and experience in robotics validation with over 200 representatives from property management, real estate, and hospitality sectors.

The event aimed to boost market confidence in technology applications and encourage the adoption of innovative solutions by businesses.

Improving Property Management Efficiency and Quality with Robotics

Guided by the vision of Lead with Adoption, HKSTP aims to take a leading role in implementing suitable technology in the market through the Smart Campus Challenge.

Launched in June 2023, its Cohort 1, “Robots Everywhere”, focused on property management tasks such as lawn mowing, cleaning, and security patrols. The goal was to adopt best-fit robot solutions that enhance operational efficiency and safety at Hong Kong Science Park (the Park).

Albert Wong, CEO, HKSTP, said, “Technology adoption goes through a series of trials and errors. Starting with new technology might have 70-80% failure rate in adoption and might not work at the beginning. Through continuous testing and adjustment, productions and solutions will be customised to your own needs. HKSTP is helping technology companies to explore production application opportunities of products, and is committed to driving smart facility management and development of I&T.”

Filla Mak, Chief Operations Officer, HKSTP, said, “From managing its own diverse ecosystem, HKSTP has faced the same complex challenges of Hong Kong’s real estate operations, from the shortage of manpower, to the very specific facilities management tasks that frequently occur. We are confident in using the ready-to-the market robotics technology, we set up scenario-based validation processes to help nurture and support tech ventures in resolving real life customer issues and problems. Our goal is to identify and optimise the best-fit solutions for client implementation that maximise operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.”

Introducing “Discovery” for Sharing Technology Validation Results

During the "Robots Everywhere" program, HKSTP received robot solution submissions from 55 local and overseas technology companies. Over 20 on-site scenarios were provided within the Park for validating the participating solutions.

Through scenario validation, HKSTP evaluated the on-site performance of each solution and gained valuable knowledge in technology validation.

In light of this, HKSTP has launched the “Discovery” webpage to share these validation results and experiences, aiming to support decision-makers in making more efficient decisions.

Speaking at the Demo Day, Dr Crystal Fok, Head of STP Platform, HKSTP, said, “Through scenario validation, technology companies obtained real-life data, bridging the gap between theory and practical implementation. This assessment enables them to meet diverse customer need and ultimately accelerate market adoption. Additionally, the 'Discovery' webpage will provide ongoing updates with results and insights we have from technology validation, serving as a trusted resource for enterprises to explore more suitable solutions.”

Collaborating with Development Bureau for Interactive Park Environment

HKSTP also announced a collaboration with the Spatial Data Office of the Development Bureau to launch “Tech Challenge: Location Matters!”, as Cohort 2 of the Smart Campus Challenge. The objective is to create a more dynamic environment within the Park by leveraging spatial data.

The Challenge will invite proposals in four key areas: Community and Entertainment, Retail and Marketing, Assistive Devices and Technology, and Transportation and Connected Mobility.

Participants will have the opportunity to utilise spatial data, along with provided equipment, resources, and visualisation technologies, to design, test, and develop their innovative proposals tailored for the Park.

To further enhance the availability of spatial data, HKSTP has deepened its partnership with the Development Bureau. By integrating an additional 200 location-based APIs from Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI) Portal, HKSTP aims to enrich the available data resources. These APIs include population characteristics, community facility distribution, building data, as well as address standardisation solutions. These datasets and solutions will be made accessible to promote innovation in spatial data for the wider public. 

For more information on the Smart Campus Challenge, please visit:

Photo 1: Albert Wong, CEO (second row, forth from right), Filla Mak, Chief Operations Officer (second row, fifth from right), Dr Crystal Fok, Head of STP Platform, HKSTP (second row, third from left), along with 10 technology companies participating in the "Smart Campus Challenge: Robots Everywhere" program, showcased robot technologies for lawn mowing as well as cleaning and patrol for indoor and outdoor areas.

Photo 2: Albert Wong, CEO, HKSTP, anticipated HKSTP to take the lead in adopting suitable technologies in the market, aiming to contribute to the advancement of smart city development.

Photo 3: Dr Crystal Fok, Head of STP Platform, HKSTP, announced the launch of the Discovery webpage, where validation findings, learnings and knowledge will be shared to facilitate technology adoption journeys.

Photo 4: HKSTP and industry representatives shared insights about accelerating robotics technology adoptions.  (from left to right):

  • William Tong, Director, Corporate Facilities Management, HKSTP
  • CH Chung, Executive Director, Head of Property and Asset Management, Hong Kong & Macau, JLL
  • Harvey Liu, Chairman of Information Technology Committee, The Hong Kong Institute of Housing
  • Jennifer Leung, Manager, STP Platform, HKSTP

Photo 5: More than 200 industry representatives attended guided tours on the “Smart Campus Challenge: Robots Everywhere” Demo Day to gain insights into the real-life validation of the 20 robotic technologies as part of the program.

Photo 6: Tony Ho (centre), Chief Project Development Officer, HKSTP, Sr YC Chan (right), Head of Spatial Data Office, Development Bureau, and Dr Crystal Fok (left), Head of STP Platform, HKSTP jointly announced the collaboration for the "Smart Campus Challenge" Cohort 2: "Tech Challenge: Location Matters!". The aim is to leverage spatial data to create a more interactive campus environment.

Appendix 1 - Full list of showcased tech ventures:




Adtronics Technology Co. Limited


FJ Dynamics International Limited


IG Inno Limited


Innovation Team Company Limited


Karmo International Co. Ltd.


Konica Minolta Business Solution (HK) Limited


Novelte Robotics Limited


Omni Technology Limited


RV Automation Technology Company Limited


Shenzhen Intelligence. Ally Technology Co., Ltd.


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