Funding & Capital

Our action expresses our priority, which is enabling our startups in maintaining healthy cash flow for sustainable business expansion.

We direct our startups the shortcuts of getting the optimal government funding.

We built the most established investment platform connecting passionate startups with world-renowned investors. 

We are your trusted partner to navigate the funding and investment landscape with ease.


Government funding programmes

Recognizing innovation and technology as key drivers for economic growth, the HKSAR Government has a wide range of funding programmes in place to help startups and businesses in all sizes. Our professional team from TecOne will be able to provide advices on government funding for all startups seeking to expand. Drop by TecOne or email to talk to us. 

Government funding schemes at a glance: 

Public Sector Trial Scheme (PSTS):

Research Talent Hub (RTH)

STEM Internship Scheme:



HKSTP Capital and corporate investment

The struggle is real, especially when your business is running out of cash. We understand the pain so we build the most established investment platform for our community.

In our ecosystem, startups and investors have countless opportunities to connect and inspire each other. A growing number of startups and investors are harnessing the power of our investment platform to either gain access of capital or investment opportunities of the market's most disruptive innovations.

Our corporate venture arm, HKSTP Venture Fund , also makes direct investments into seed-to-Series A stage startups and co-invests with private investors. We combine HKSTP's resources with those of private sector investors to nurture early-stage technology startups.


 Our accomplishments for the year 2020 to 2021:

Companies Supported
Investment Matchings
HK$40 billion
Raised (since 2017)
HK$600 million
AUM by HKSTP Venture Fund

With our passion in making you succeed, we enable our startups and investors with the tools, network and Investment Matching to have a deep and lasting impact on Hong Kong's innovation and technology development.

Our ecosystem opens up a multitude of possibilities for both entrepreneurs and investors. Get in touch with our professional team at:

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