HKSTP Venture Fund

HKSTP Venture Fund

Growth is collective. The collaboration between the public and private sectors is fundamental to the healthy growth of our startup ecosystem. We therefore create a collaborative fabric where we combine our resources with those of private investors to nurture early-stage startups.

Through HKSTP Venture Fund, we encourage investors and venture capitalists to fund some of the early-stage startups who are making a difference to the world. With all the investment returns going back into the ecosystem, we are able to increase our resources to fund more and more early-stage startups. 

HKSTP is second to none in the innovation landscape worldwide. We are Hong Kong’s largest ecosystem, hosting a wide range of technology startups and ventures. This is a unique avenue for investors to also tap into our vast global network, gaining access to top quality startups around the world. We are here to create unique value for our investors and startups. Email us at  to be part of our investment community.

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