Healthcare Devices Innovation Hub

Healthcare Devices Innovation Hub (HDIH) provides shared facilities for accelerating product development of biomedical devices and a biotechnology platform for bringing together biomedical device researchers and biotechnology companies within the Science Park.

The 13,500 sq ft Hub offers 32 offices of 100-300 sq ft, 24 dedicated desks and a product prototype testing room of 800 sq ft.

The Hub is providing a wide range of laboratory facilities including IP search engine, 3D CAD modeling and simulation software, 3D printers and development facilities such as LabView, Matlab and other basic electronic instruments. The Hub also enables excellent co-working environment for business inspirations and development guidance valuable to facilitate the entire R&D process from prototype development to clinical evaluation.

The facilities are open to local and overseas R&D entities from universities, start-ups, companies of various disciplines, research institutes and others.

Address: 6/F, Core Building 1 (1E), Hong Kong Science Park.


Ms. Alison Lam

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