Biomedical Informatics Platform

The Biomedical Informatics Platform (BIP) is a cloud-based data ecosystem established to drive research and discoveries, enabling biomedical data analysis and sharing. Users can search and access datasets and deploy new analytic methods for biomedical research. This platform will motivate and facilitate collaborations between researchers via secure and accessible data sharing.

We encourage research in the biology of human health and diseases, which encompasses the disciplines of genetics, clinical, pharmacology, physiology, medical imaging and more. It is our belief that data informs the knowledge that drives innovation and technology, which is why our platform enables research in bioinformatics, statistics, AI, imaging processing, and bioengineering. As a key infrastructure for digital R&D in biomedical technology, the BIP facilitates the development of applications, algorithm and innovative technological solutions.

Key features

  • Flexible analytic capability
  • Datasets ready for innovative R&D
  • Foster collaboration and drive scientific discoveries
  • Reliable governance framework

What we offer

  • Cloud data management and storage
  • Scalable computing for intensive biomedical analyses
  • Data catalogue to find resources and initiate collaborations
  • Ready-to-use or build-your-own analysis pipelines

Introductory video of BIP

Using BIP vs your own setup for research

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