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Invest in the next disruptive technologies. Learn how our portfolio companies are creating revolutionary tech products and services.

HKSTP Venture Fund's Vision

As HKSTP's corporate venture fund, HKSTP Venture Fund’s vision is to drive the innovation and investment ecosystem in Hong Kong.

We combine HKSTP’s resources with those of private sector investors to nurture early-stage technology startups, giving local talent the opportunity to make an impact on the world. We grow Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem by encouraging more private funding or investment from angel investors and venture capitalists. Grow Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem with us.

HKSTP Venture Fund is also officially known as the Corporate Venture Fund.

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Private co-investors attracted as of December 2020
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Turn creative inspirations into outstanding ideas

HKSTP Venture Fund’s collective of innovators believe that unlike forces must converge to grow ideas. Powered by the diversity of our people’s skills and the boldness of our goal, HKSTP Venture Fund drives innovation though a variety of avenues made possible by our diverse expertise.

Why HKSTP Venture Fund?

As HKSTP’s corporate venture capital fund, HKSTP Venture Fund invests in early-to-growth stage startups, with all investment returns going back into HKSTP Venture Fund to fund other early-stage Hong Kong technology startups.

Early Backer

We invest in early-stage technology startups and lay the groundwork for them to fully develop their ideas and create revolutionary new tech products and services.

Value Creation First

We are a hands-on and founder-friendly investor working closely with our portfolio companies. We are a patient investor who catalyzes their growth from zero to one.

Deep Tech Focused

Deep tech is beyond a jargon; as the VC arm of the world-class innovation and tech hub HKSTP, we take technology risks.

Combined Resources 

HKSTP Venture Fund connects our founders with HKSTP, government bodies, GBA partners, industry leaders, and co-investors within and beyond Hong Kong.


Our Team

We back tech innovators and bring next innovative tech to life

Rooted in HKSTP, trained in professionalism, and spirited in entrepreneurship, HKSTP Venture Fund is a team of value creators who supports founders from day zero.



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