First@Science Park Programme

first sp logoScience Park is more than just a space where tech startups dream up ideas.

It’s a real-time live testing ground where game-changing technology is integrated into our facilities, and where partner companies can get instant feedback and suggestions that make their products some of the most competitive in the world through industry adoption.

Science Park is a dedicated collaborative space.

Here, the free-flow of ideas and tech expertise foster the next generation of scientists and engineers, and the technology that will change the world forever.

And driving this tech revolution is the “First@SciencePark” programme.

Our partner companies are invited to showcase their technology or products to the HKSTP community in exhibitions, or their innovative tech can be seamlessly integrated and tested on Science Park’s grounds.

Live data, constant feedback, and highly-effective trial and error make this programme one of our most popular initiatives, which has helped launch a multitude of industry-changing technologies.

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Showcasing Applied Technologies and Products

Find out more about some of the success stories and a list of completed projects below:

cafex machine setup

Over 40 cases were completed at different locations of Science Park. For details, please click here.

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