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Your innovation is our passion. We understand that the future of technology startups hinges on the successful commercialisation of their innovation. Present your product or solution to the markets and industry sectors and accelerate your speed to market with HKSTP.

We organise trade fairs and networking events, so you can find partners who can help you commercialise your innovations. From engaging leading media outlets to participating in international contests, HKSTP also gets the word out and helps you gain traction, so you can focus on product development. Having earned entries in competitions such as The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards, CES Innovation Awards and The Hong Kong Awards for Industries, bring home honors and prizes your hard work deserves.


UniversityConnect is a programme where universities and institutions come together to exchange insights, facilitate knowledge transfer and technology entrepreneurship through HKSTP’s multi-dimensional communication channels and support services. Connect with stakeholders ranging from students and researchers to professors and senior management on various fields. Collaborate with Hong Kong’s leading universities to stay on top of research and development trends. 


Supported by 58 trade and industry association partners, IndustryConnect@SciencePark is a service that connects you with Hong Kong’s local and overseas chambers of commerce and industry associations. Over the years, 313 Science Park companies matched with over 2,900 industry practitioners interested in AI, Big Data, Robotics and Health tech coming from various industries like manufacturing, logistics, hospitality, and banking etc.

IndustryConnect is your springboard to success: present your solutions to established associations such as Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong Logistics Association, the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong, the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, the Hong Kong Hotels Association and the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers and —just to name a few—to unlock the next horizon of growth.

Design x Technology Project (DxT)

Elevate your innovations by working with professional designers. We work with the Hong Kong Designers Association and CreateHK to bring you the Design x Technology project (DxT). DxT provides a dynamic platform for the tech community to work with high-end design brands, so you can strengthen your brand identity and positioning in both Mainland and international markets.

Explore a wide range of networking and collaboration opportunities between the design and tech communities, and exchange ideas on design thinking, creative education, branding and product design through features such as:

  •   DxT Platform: Our initiative that uses AI technology to provide online matching for the design and technology communities. It includes the DxT Pod—a dedicated area for our DxT Product Exhibition and Design Service Consultation.
  •   DxT Research and Guidebook: Use this resource to research and find design firms or solutions. It is a also a reference for effective standards and partnership models.
  •   DxT Talks, Conferences and Competitions: Meet top-notch designers and learn about the latest design trends and practices.
  •   Training Sessions: We provide thoroughgoing design strategy training for HKSTP incubates.

First@SciencePark Programme

From electric vehicle chargers to wildlife detection robots, First@SciencePark is a programme where you can test and evaluate new technologies within the HKSTP community. Get live data and instant user feedback to fine-tune your solutions prior to large scale rollout.

Technologies from Science Park Programme

Share your solutions with leading enterprises through our premier business matching programme. In 2019-2020, our startups got their ideas in front of Airport Authority Hong Kong, AEON, Cathay Pacific Airways, CLP Group, Gammon Group, Hong Kong Disneyland, Jebsen and Zurich, among other companies. Don’t miss the opportunity to have the world’s top corporations adopt your technologies.

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