To help our partner companies find the right talent to build their teams for spearheading innovative products and services, we have developed flagship platforms through which partner companies can find bright minds from Hong Kong and around the world.

We work with local and overseas universities as well as professional associations to offer the right people exclusive career and placement opportunities with our partner companies. We also connect with the younger generations in the community through the career expo/talks, exhibitions and exchange programmes, to develop their interest in the tech field and encourage entrepreneurial spirit.


Technology Talent Admission Scheme (TechTAS)

TechTAS provides a fast-track arrangement for eligible companies to admit overseas and Mainland technology talent to undertake research and development ("R&D") work for them. Companies that are engaged in R&D in the areas of artificial intelligence, biotechnology, cybersecurity, data analytics, financial technologies, material science, robotics, 5G communications, digital entertainment, green technology, integrated circuit design, Internet-of-Things or microelectronics are eligible to make applications.


+852 2629 1818


Technology Talent Scheme - “Postdoctoral Hub” Programme

The “Postdoctoral Hub” Programme spearheaded by the Innovation and Technology Commission aims to nurture and bring together more technology talent and encourage them to pursue a career in innovation and scientific research. Our partner companies and incubatees are eligible to apply for funding to recruit postdoctoral talent to assist in their R&D projects.



HKSTP Accommodation Support Scheme

The HKSTP Accommodation Support Scheme aims to motivate and attract innovation & technology companies and talent to Hong Kong to support and help sustain the city’s vibrant I&T ecosystem. Under the scheme, tenants and incubatees of HKSTP will receive funding to provide an accommodation subsidy to new employees recruited from overseas and mainland China to reside and work in Hong Kong. HKSTP will review and assess the applications for these subsidies based on a defined set of eligibility criteria and conditions.

Eligibility and Conditions

  • The Applicant Company must be a tenant or an incubatee of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP).
  • The Applicant Company must not be a government-subvented organisation or a subsidiary of any government-subvented organisation.
  • The newly recruited overseas/ mainland employee of the Applicant Company:
    • Must be a full-time employee of the Applicant Company engaging in R&D work and residing in Hong Kong for at least six months.
    • Should not be the proprietor, partner or shareholder of the Applicant Company.
  • The maximum value of the accommodation subsidy per eligible employee is HK$10,000 per month. The actual amount will be determined based on the housing allowance paid to the eligible employee by the Applicant Company. The subsidy will cover a duration of at least six months and at most 12 months.
  • Each Applicant Company is allowed to apply for accommodation subsidies for up to 10 eligible employees within the duration of the programme.


+852 2629 6927



Career Expo at Science Park 

One of the largest Innovation and Technology (I&T)-themed job fairs in town, the expo serves as a one-stop platform for Science Park companies to reach out to potential talent, and job seekers can take this opportunity to explore career opportunities, as well as gather the latest industry updates and information on various support for startups.



Talent Pool Platform

Great ideas are dreamt up by great minds.

To ensure that our partner companies continue to flourish and create innovative products and services that will change the world, we tap our extensive networks and work with local and overseas universities, as well as professional associations to help you find the best and brightest talent from Hong Kong and around the world.

Talent Pool PlatformWe offer exclusive career and placement opportunities, at our partner companies, to the best tech talent from around the world, and drive interest in the tech field and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, through career expo/talks, exhibitions and exchange programmes.
To ensure that our partner companies stay top-of-mind, we’ve developed and are constantly updating our Talent Pool Platform; a platform that lets job seekers explore all the career opportunities at Science Park anytime, anywhere.

Innovation and Technology Fund Researcher Programme (formerly known as Internship Programme)

The  of the Innovation and Technology Commission aims to encourage university graduates to pursue a career in innovation and technology and nurture more I&T talent. HKSTP partner companies and incubatees are eligible to apply for funding to recruit researchers to assist in their R&D projects.



CEO Shadowing Programme 

CEO Shadowing ProgrammeThis programme is one of the event highlights of the Career Expo at Science Park. It offers current university students an opportunity to spend three working days with a C-level leader or the senior management of leading corporations. The programme not only helps the participants network, acquire leadership skills and gather industry insights, it also provides them a chance to learn the challenges of the I&T industry. The programme is designed to inspire them on their career planning and empower them to get better prepared for the future.  

Stories of CEO Shadowing Programme 

1.   Mr. Argon Ho, General Manager of Commercial and Macau, Cisco Systems (HK) Limited
2.   Mr. Jon Chung, Director of Marketing, Fuji Xerox (HK) Limited
3.   Mr. Edmond Lai, Executive Director, Gammon Construction Limited


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