The Sensor Packaging and Integration Laboratory (Sensor Lab) is a  dedicated hardware hub that supports the full development cycle of sensors and pilots back-end production (i.e. packaging and integration) and testing.

Sensor Lab has a total floor space about 3,000 sq ft cleanroom (class 100 and class 1000), which equipped with a set of tools and equipment for basic processing steps, including deposition, patterning, etching, packaging and characterization. Technical support and consultation services are offered by HKSTP’s partners.

We also welcome R&D partners to formulate government-funded technology projects that would utilize the laboratory service as part of the pilot production.


Paper for Micro/ Nano sensors for healthcare and smart city

This paper provides a quick overview of sensor development at Science Park, followed by snapshots of the observations and insights of the speakers in 1st International Symposium on Micro/Nano Sensors for Healthcare and Smart City at December 10, 2018. 

Micro/Nano Sensors for Healthcare and Smart City (2018)

Equipment List:



XeF<sub>2</sub>; Silicon Etcher (memsstar Alpha)

XeF2 Silicon Etcher (memsstar Alpha)

  • Wafer size: 6” single wafer or specimens

  • Gases available: XeF2, N2

  • Materials: Silicon


Wafer Bonder (AML-AWB008)

Wafer Bonder (AML-AWB008)

  • Wafer size: 6”

  • Substrate materials: Silicon

  • Pressure: 1x10-6 mbar to 2 bar

  • Temperature: up to 560oC

Testing & Characterization

Surface Profiler (Veeco Dektak 8)

Surface Profiler (Veeco Dektak 8)

  • Wafer size: max. 8”

  • Vertical Resolution: 1 Å max. (@6.55μm range)

  • Max. Scan Length: 50mm (2in.) standard

  • Stylus Force: 1 to 15mg

Testing & Characterization

Atomic Force Microscopy, AFM (Veeco D3100)

Atomic Force Microscopy, AFM (Veeco D3100)

  • Wafer size: max. 8”

  • XY scan range: 90 μm x 90 μm

  • Z scan range: 6 μm

  • Radius of probe tip size: 20-60nm

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