To support our key strategy of grooming technology startups with good potential, we operate effective incubation programmes to help technology startups turn their innovative ideas into marketable products and solutions.

Our Incubation Programmes focus on three key areas Incu-App, Incu-Tech, and Incu-Bio (New and Enhanced programme). They are custom-made to support technology startups in the fields of web and mobile technology, technology and biotechnology respectively.


Key achievements (Up to Mar 2019):

Incubation Graduates since Inception
Incubation Graduates still in Business
IPOs in HK
Incubatees in Current Programmes
Intellectual Property filed


Awards Obtained



General Technology Startups Incubation Programme Support

  1. Office Space and Facilities
    • With fewer overhead costs, startups can put their resources towards the things that matter – R&D – to create the perfect product or service.
  2. Technical and Management Assistance
    • University Collaborations
      • Licensing purchase from universities
      • Joint R&D projects
    • University library services
    • Professional qualifications / Corporate memberships
    • Industry collaborations
    • Free job postings on the HKSTP
    • Talent Pool career platform
    • Technical and management training
    • Technical support services
    • Labs & Services
  3. Promotion & Development Assistance
    • Exhibition services
    • Product launch services
    • Press release services
    • Media interview services
    • First@Science Park
    • Legal consultation
  4. Business Support
    • Business plan consultation
    • Matching events for incubatees & potential investors
    • Government funding (e.g. Enterprise Support Scheme – ESS) application advice
    • Business plan writing advice
    • Funding strategy advice
    • Matching events (between incubatees, technology partners and product distributors)
  5. Financial Aid Package
    • receive a specially designed aid package that will help reduce operational, business development and maintenance costs


Incubation Directory

Click here for the Incubatee directory


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