Deep Tech Talents Programme

HKSTP InnoAcademy's Deep Tech Talents (DTT) Programme aims to train industry-ready DeepTech talents and help them pursue career opportunities in DeepTech in Hong Kong.

In collaboration with HKSTP's AI Plug, DTT Programme offers a series of industry-recognised training to equip you with hands-on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning skills. Outstanding participants will be entitled internship and work opportunities at HKSTP’s partner companies. 

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Are you the right talent?

Current tertiary students or graduates from technical background

Able to attend Deep Tech workshops with full 100% attendance

Interest in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning careers

Strong desire for self-improvement

Ready to work hard and keep hustling


Industry-recognised certificate(s) at no cost

An internship opportunity to gain valuable industry experience at Deep Tech companies with attractive pay

Access to members-only career, training and networking opportunities in I&T by joining HKSTP’s InnoAcademy Society

Programme Timeline

10 – 28 February
Stage 1

Talent Application

10 – 28 February
By 2 March
Stage 2

Basic skills training (self-learning)

By 2 March

200 talents will be invited to proceed to the next training stage

12, 19 & 26 March
Stage 3

Deep Tech Bootcamp

12, 19 & 26 March
March – August
Stage 4

• Potential On-the-job training at Deep Tech companies / roles

• Skills Training

• Project Presentation

March – August




• Eligibility & Application
• FAQ – Stage 2(Self-learning)
• FAQ – Stage 3(BOOTCAMP)
• FAQ – programme journey
Eligibility & Application
Am I eligible to apply for the DTT programme?

The Applicant must meet the following criteria:
(a) Current tertiary students or graduates from technical backgrounds
(b) Able to attend Deep Tech Bootcamp and achieve full attendance
(12, 19 and 26 March 2022)

Who is the programme for?

DTT is a programme for students or professionals from technical backgrounds who are passionate to join the I&T industry.​ This programme will help you enhance your technical knowledge and master in-demand Deep Tech skills.

How much does the programme cost?

The programme is completely free of charge.

Is there any shortlisting process?

There will be two phases of the shortlisting process.

Stage 1: All talents are required to fill in the application form by 28 February 2022

Stage 2: Talents are recommended to complete the self-learning and quiz by 2 March 2022

Stage 3: Qualified talents will be invited to attend a 3-day Deep Tech Bootcamp and achieve full attendance

Stage 4: Trained talents will get access to job opportunities in the area of Deep Tech offered by HKSTP's partner companies. Further training will be provided to outstanding talents who have successfully landed a job offer. ​

I am currently staying overseas and will be back Hong Kong soon. Can I still apply for the programme?

You can apply for the Programme as long as you meet the application requirements.

How many talents will the DTT Programme recruit?

200 talents will be invited to join Stage 3 (3-day Deep Tech Bootcamp). Application will be reviewed based on your technical backgrounds as declared in the application form AND your quiz score of the first level of self-learning materials. The best talents earn a chance to work or intern at one of our hiring partner companies.

FAQ – Stage 2(Self-learning)
What will I learn?

Fundamental knowledge of Python programming language.

Are there any resources and support provided for self-learning? How much time do I have to get myself prepared for the next stage?

You will receive an email with access to the self-learning materials within one week after submitting your application. There are three courses at different levels. Talents who have completed the first level of course and assessment (4-hour training of Python Essentials 1 + 45-minute quiz) by 2 March 2022 will have priority to join the 3-day bootcamp on 12, 19 and 26 March 2022.

I have already acquired basic skills of AI / Data Science. Can I skip the Basic Skills Training and attend the DeepTech Skills Training directly?

Self-learning materials at different levels are prepared to cater to talents' diverse needs. Feel free to pick the materials of your interest and get yourself familiar with the content before joining the bootcamp. Meanwhile, you are strongly recommended to complete the quiz (for Python Essentials 1) by 2 March 2022.​

What will I learn?

Expected Learning Outcomes
• Recognize the key characteristics of various types of Artificial Intelligence technology

• Evaluate and choose appropriate machine learning algorithms for various types of problems

• Create a solution using widely accepted industrial Artificial Intelligence tools/libraries

• Implement mini projects in computer vision and data science using the appropriate skills

What is the duration of the DeepTech Bootcamp?

The bootcamp covers 3 full days of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science skills training.

What is the class size for the DeepTech Bootcamp?

There would be around 25 – 30 talents per class.

FAQ – programme journey
Will I receive a certificate at the end of programme? What if I am not shortlisted for Stage 4?

Yes, you will receive an NVIDIA certificate by completing Stage 3: Deep Tech Bootcamp with satisfactory result. You do not necessarily need to be shortlisted for Stage 4 in order to receive the certificate.

Will I be guaranteed a job offer upon completion of the programme?

We do not guarantee a job offer upon completion of the programme. However, talents may get access to the specified Deep Tech openings at our partner companies and ​earn a chance to work or intern at one of them. And of course, the programme can help improve your career prospects. You will acquire and master the necessary Deep Tech skills and solve practical cases during the training, which would definitely be useful for your future job hunting!

This DTT Programme sounds interesting. How can I learn more?

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