PROcruit C

Created and funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, PROcruit C offers caring and motivated first-time jobseekers a yearlong professional traineeship programme to develop a career in four emerging areas: Creativity for Good, Technology for Good, Business for Good, and Healthcare for Good.

HKSTP is the Industry Convenor for the Technology for Good sector. You may apply for traineeships at our partner companies in three roles: Product Marketing Trainee, Trainee Designer, and Project Management Trainee.


Product Marketing Trainee
Promotes companies’ innovative products to their target users to advocate the use of technology in addressing social needs

Contributes to the growth of social technology in Hong Kong by enhancing market and public awareness
Trainee Designer
Strengthens alignment between design of innovative products and user needs

Supports companies’ research and development in social technology products
Project Management Trainee
Facilitates communication between companies’ designers and project partners on product and service development and delivery

Contributes to technology companies’ product and service success in meeting human and social needs through collaboration



  • Aerosim (HK) Limited
  • Aerovision Technology Limited
  • AI Academy Limited
  • AI Mnemonic Limited
  • Ampd Energy Limited
  • Animae Technologies Limited
  • AP Infosense Limited
  • Application Technology Company Limited
  • Apricot Medical Technology Limited
  • AUISET Biotechnology Company Limited
  • Auto Repair and Service Group Holding Limited
  • Avant Meats Company Limited
  • Belun Technology Company Limited
  • BNET-TECH Company Limited
  • BNG International Limited
  • BOXS Limited
  • Byerley Tech Limited
  • Carbon Exchange (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Cytomics Limited
  • Datafarm Limited
  • Datax Limited
  • Dresio Limited
  • Eco Link Building Materials Limited
  • Eco Link Building Materials Limited
  • Eieling Technology Limited
  • eSix Limited
  • ExaApp Limited
  • FinKAB Education Limited
  • Fonfair Technology Limited
  • Gabi Education Limited
  • GemVCare Limited
  • Gentle Kids Limited
  • GNS Technology Limited
  • Green de Corp. Limited
  • Growgreen Limited
  • HSK GeneTech Limited
  • InReality Limited
  • Insight Robotics Limited
  • Inspiring Light Electronics Software Development Limited
  • Intelligent Design Technology Limited
  • Iotena Technology Limited
  • Joy Aether Limited
  • Kin Technology Limited
  • King's Phase Technologies Limited
  • Koln 3D Technology (Medical) Limited
  • Labwork Technology Limited
  • Lasense Technology Limited
  • Lexiwave Technology Limited
  • Lincogn Technology Co. Limited
  • LinkedMarts Limited
  • MagiCube Limited
  • Medmind Technology Limited
  • Motive Force Technology Limited
  • N1 Limited
  • Neufast Limited
  • Neural Lab Limited
  • OncoSeek Limited
  • Opharmic Technology (HK) Limited
  • Optical Sensing Limited
  • Ossfila Technology Limited
  • Pokeguide Limited
  • Pure Innovation Biotech Limited
  • Qi Sensor Technologies Limited
  • Sensestek Solutions Limited
  • SOCIF Limited
  • SP Infinite Technology Limited
  • Stemhub Holdings Limited
  • Trinity Photonics Manufacturing Company Limited
  • Varadise Limited
  • WeExpand Limited
  • Well Being Digital Limited
  • Xinics Company Limited


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