About Hong Kong InnoAcademy Society

Hong Kong InnoAcademy Society demonstrates HKSTP’s commitment to attracting, nurturing and engaging young minds from Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas to join the Innovation and Technology (“I&T”) ecosystem in Hong Kong and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area (“GBA”).

The Society aims to build a community for diverse talent to flourish and inspire others about our region’s I&T opportunities. We will break down the silos and explore cross-sectoral collaborations. Together, we will make Hong Kong a global hub for I&T talent and I&T the Career of Tomorrow.

Exclusive Member Benefits

As an InnoAcademy Society Regular Member, you will receive members-only updates on I&T career, training and networking opportunities in Hong Kong and the GBA.


After joining at least 2 InnoAcademy Society activities, you will become an Active Member and enjoy exclusive benefits including:

​-   Dialogue with unicorn founders and technology leaders
-   Priority in joining GBA InnoAcademy programmes including visits to Hong Kong Science Park Shenzhen Branch
-   Support on career development such as priority in job matching


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InnoAcademy Society Founding Committee

With the support and endorsement of HKSTP, a group of dedicated Technology Leaders of Tomorrow Programme alumni have formed the Founding Committee to design and organise educational, networking, and recreational activities for InnoAcademy Society Members.

Our Committee Members represent different young voices in our I&T ecosystem. They share the vision of co-creating an engaging I&T community where everyone can be different altogether.


Founding Committee Members

(Ranked in alphabetical order of last names)

    • Jenzen Fung
      Mechanical Engineer, Precision Robotics (Hong Kong) Limited
    • Rexanne Lee
      Management Trainee, FreightAmigo Services Limited
    • Ho Chun Leung
      Senior Computer Vision Engineer, TCL Corporate Research (HK) Co. Ltd
    • Quincy Lin,
      AI Researcher, SenseTime Group Limited
    • Mia Liu,
      Researcher, Infotronic Technology Limited
    • Ivan Mang
      Engineer, Simbury Limited
    • Patrick Su
      Assistant Data Analytics Manager, Hong Kong International Aviation Academy Limited
    • Haoqi Wang
      Researcher, SenseTime Group Limited
    • Rigil Yeung
      AssociateManager, Zhaoke Ophthalmology Limited


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