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Incu-App Programme

We now live in the Mobile First world.

In Hong Kong alone, the smartphone penetration rate* soars at 227%, while 20% of Hongkongers own five or more connected devices. And these numbers are only growing.
In recent years, web/mobile-related startups have exploded onto the startup scene, and HKSTP is helping to develop this high-potential industry.
Incu-App is a tailored 18-month incubation programme for web/mobile application technology startups.
One of HKSTP’s most popular and sought after programmes, startups who apply successfully, will enjoy a full range of tailor-made support services and facilities that will help drive their businesses to the next level of development.
Companies in the following technology areas may apply to the programme:

  • Web-based applications
  • Smartphone-based applications
  • PC / Internet / smartphone / console games

Explore the Incu-App Programme further in this section.