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STEM Education
The tech industry is on the brink of a game-changing revolution.

The Internet of Things (IoT) or internet of everything are now realities, and in a few short years, every single aspect of our lives will be enhanced by wearable, connected and mobile technologies. 

To ensure that Hong Kong is a pioneer in this inevitable future, we need talent. 

One of HKSTP’s core missions is to encourage interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects, to foster the next generation of scientists, engineers and innovators. 

But just interest, isn’t enough. 

At the centre of STEM education is the need for practical experience, and no other organisation in Hong Kong has as much access to innovators, as HKSTP. Comprising more than 580 of the leading tech companies, HKSTP can and continues to offer students of all ages hands-on learning experiences through various programs, to complement their education, as well as access to select tech-related jobs. 

These include:

Green Concepts: As the prototype to demonsrate and evaluate the green technologies to be employed in Hong Kong Science Park Phase 3, Green 18 is awarded the Platinum Standard by BEAM Society and deploys sustainable features.

Green Trail: The Green Trail walks you through 17 selected green building design features in Phase 3. Along the way, you can enjoy the tranquil landscape of the Park and at the same time, discover how technological innovations have emerged into modern architectural design and shape our way towards a greener future.

Robotics Workshop for Schools: Robot making is an educational instrument which combines multiple aspects in STEM and could stimulate students’ interest. We offer robotics workshops to primary and secondary schools throughout the weekends. Please contact our hotline at 2629 6961 for details.

Robotics Geek: Are you a “robotics geek”? Equipped with a variety of robotics making kits and materials, our Robo Workshop is an ideal place for students who wish to further develop their skills and knowledge in robotics field.  

The Science Park Career Expo: The city’s largest technology-themed careers event. The Expo provides a platform to job seekers with exciting job. Openings which are all related to technology. Attendees ranged from high school students to fresh graduates to professionals. 

Innovation Workshops: Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit early on. High school students connect with HKSTP Incubation Programmes graduates, who share their startup challenges, successes and tips. A collaboration between HKSTP and the Life Planning Education and Career Guidance division of the Education Bureau. 

Innovation Heroes: Super heroes don’t have to have super powers, they just need to inspire. Innovation Heroes is an exciting platform that showcases the awesome work by our home-grown talent. A key initiative to encourage interest in STEM subjects and educate the public. 

Roadshows: Spreading the word about our local inventors and their journeys of discovery one district at a time. Over 168,000 Hongkongers have been inspired by these highly-informational exhibitions to date. 

The Student Education Fair on Science, Technology and Mathematics 2016  is jointly organised by the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation. It aims to showcase and celebrate a wide range of student achievements on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related areas. This signature event will provide quality learning experiences for students to enhance their interests in learning, creativity and innovation as well as to strengthen their ability in integrating and applying cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills.

​Vibrant Science Academy offers programmes throughout the year on a variety of subjects with the goal of fostering cognitive thinking, creativity and an interest in science and technology.