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Mainland Collaboration and Business Development

Our Goal

The collaborative development between Mainland China and Hong Kong is rapidly blooming, particularly in the fields of technological innovation and youth entrepreneurship.  Under the guidance of the 13th Five-Year Plan and corresponding initiatives including “One Belt One Road”, “Made in China 2025”, “Internet +,” and “ Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” , HKSTP strives to enhance connection and collaboration efforts between Mainland China and Hong Kong, accelerating the knowledge transfer and commercialisation of research achievements for universities and research institutions.

Our Mission

  1. To build and maintain cross-border relationships and partnerships in technology and innovation development through establishing an entrepreneurship service platform;
  2. To facilitate HKSTP-based innovators and entrepreneurs to commercialise in Mainland China;
  3. To enable and accelerate internationalisation of Mainland enterprises.

Our Services

We strive to provide and maintain an entrepreneurship service platform that is capable of fully supporting Hong Kong enterprises’ entrance and commercialisation in Mainland, while at the same time serving as a facilitator for Mainland enterprises to embrace and capitalise on globalisation opportunities.

We also provide a wide array of services for innovative entrepreneurs including: exploring business opportunities, talent services, promotion and marketing support and entrepreneurial knowledge exchanges. In addition, we aspire to facilitate the transfers and exchanges of talent, resources, investment and other professional services between Mainland and Hong Kong.

Currently, we are engaging in numerous projects to assist HK innovative entrepreneurs to explore Mainland business prospects
(Co-working space program), as well as assisting Mainland corporations to go global.  We also collaborate with R&D organizations
(BICI Collaboration) and national industrialisation partners.

It is our honor to host visits from national, provincial and city officials and technology entrepreneurs to explore collaboration possibilities. For more information please contact:

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