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CEO Shadowing Programme - Fuji Xerox (HK) Limited
Passion drives you the road to success

Mr. Jon Chung, the Director of Marketing of Fuji Xerox (HK) Limited and Ella LiuWhen asked what quality that a senior management should have, Mr. Jon Chung, the Director of Marketing of Fuji Xerox (HK) Limited, mentioned "passion" is one of the distinctive features, "If you are passionate about something means that you have strong interest and therefore you are willing to pay all your effort and time without counting the cost," He added being passionate makes a big difference in influencing people around you especially the subordinates. 

Ella Liu, the graduate who studied Marketing in the City University of Hong Kong regarded the 3-day CEO Shadowing Programme a very special one to her when compared with the other internship experience before, "I really appreciate the moment whenever Jon debriefed to me after each meeting. It makes me understand more about the reality of the operation and business. Moreover, Jon also provides me valuable advice on my career development. He is a great mentor to me."

 "When it comes to selecting trainees for the company, I would look into the attitude," said Jon, "The potential candidates are usually of similar ability and knowledge. What differentiates from the others is the way they treat their work. To an employer, I do prefer candidates who could demonstrate the initiative of solving problems." 

Ella recognised a very good advice from Jon. "He reminded me salary should not be the top priority considered by a fresh graduate. Instead, he advised me to put focus on the opportunity to develop my potential and work hard to excel my ability in order to experience the process of promotion." 

"It is important to go through the process of promotion within an organisation as it proves that what you have achieved is recognised by the company," Jon recalled that he also had to learn many new things when the first day he joined this company. Along the way, he further developed himself and gained the chance for promotion. "I enjoy working in the innovation and technology industry because it is changing very fast. This exciting challenge must be tackled by open-minded and willingness to create and try new things so as to survive and stay competitive in the market." 

Ella was also impressed by Jon's outstanding people and time management skills. Jon has to regularly meet up sales and marketing colleagues. During the meeting, he has to discuss with his colleagues how their KPIs could be achieved and listen to their difficulties. "I also have to meet up with the trainees every quarter. I once changed my decision after chatting with the young generation as I am influenced by their viewpoints," He added he does welcome new and reasonable ideas from the smart young generation today. 

"Treasure the opportunities to be exposed.  Remember that the so called "standards" are usually broken in this era as breakthroughs always take the lead. Cultivate your own interest and even passion in your work and hence it becomes part of your life…." these are the tips shared by Jon with those who will soon start their career in the society.