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Catalyse Technological Innovation
In the short years since the advent of the Internet, the world has changed a hundred times over. 

The global economy is a deeply-connected that can change overnight, leaving those unprepared in the dust.  

And as Asia continues to be a major global market, Hong Kong must rise up once again to take the lead as the hub of commerce, innovation and human capital. 

Since the inception of HKSTP, we’ve been preparing for this day. And now, the city is on the verge of a technological revolution that will take it into a new era of prosperity and development. 

A revolution that has been led by our unfaltering pursuit of innovation and technology. 

At the core of our mission are the three Cs – “Connect, Collaborate, Catalyse” – a framework that direct us on our continuous journey of innovation and self-reinvention.

By using the three Cs, we’ve created an ideal ecosystem that connects key stakeholders, forms partnerships and nurtures scientific talent and entrepreneurship. We’ve built upon and tapped our traditional economical pillars to strengthen this ecosystem to facilities collaboration amongst stakeholders in the areas of Healthy Ageing, Robotics and Smart City. We enabled academic research and creative ideas to catalyse innovations and the commercialization of such through our vibrant innovation and technology ecosystem.

We’ve now successfully bred a new generation of entrepreneurs, who wish to change the world for the better through their inventions and solutions to everyday problems. These future movers and shakers are the knowledge workers and technopreneurs who will keep the city competitive, and bring about a new era of unlimited prosperity. 

Hong Kong is about to take on a new phase of development riding on high-end technological manufacturing, which will perfectly complement our city's financial capabilities and our strength in Science and Technology. 

As we begin our new journey, we invite each and every one of you to join us and help make Hong Kong great once again.