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It’s time for Hong Kong to re-invent itself again.

Manufacturing industry gave the city a powerful base to transform into an economic powerhouse. It drove for creativity and innovation, especially in terms of functional technology, and raised Hong Kong to the world stage. 

And now, it’s time to tap our knowledge economy to welcome the future – a future where Hong Kong is a hub of research and development, design, and advanced technological production.

We want to revitalise Hong Kong’s economy by creating the ideal environment where companies have the freedom and resources to create prototypes of innovative technologies, highly customizable small-scale production lines; advanced technologies in areas such as stem cell and regenerative medicine, smart wearable devices and robotics.

We want to turn the city into a creative melting pot, where innovators, investors and industrialists can connect, inspire each other and create game-changing products and services.

And by attracting companies to Hong Kong to set up advanced production facilities, the city will enjoy all-new levels of economic development and create an exicting array of employment opportunities.

HKSTP wants bring this dream to life, and together, we will succeed and shape a brighter future.