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Green Trail @ Science Park Phase 3
Science Park Phase 3 is a “living laboratory” where the buildings are designed on sustainability principles and make use of three key design principles of reduction, efficiency and generation, to encourage smarter use of resources and a greener lifestyle at workplace. The Phase 3 project obtained LEED V2009: Platinum (Core and Shell) recognition conferred by the US Green Building Council, and received the Grand Award in the New Building Category (Completed Buildings) in the Green Building Awards 2014.

The Green Trail walks you through 17 selected green building design features in Phase 3. Along the way, you can enjoy the tranquil landscape of the Park and at the same time, discover how technological innovations have emerged into modern architectural design and shape our way towards a greener future.

Download Green Trail Visitors’ Guide here.

You can also join a guided tour, which brings you to various exhibitions at Science Park. Reserve here.