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Q: What are the benefit of joining HKSTP's Incubation Porgrammes?

Apart from rental subsidies and financial supports, the Incubation Programmes offers a range of value adding services including but not limited to business matching, technical and professional consultation, laboratory supports, preparation for fund raising and investment matching...and many more, which are designed to help young startups to develop and grow. For details, please click here.

Q: What are the application criteria?

For detailed criteria, please refer to Incu-App, Incu-Tech, Incu-Bio.
Mainly, there are 4 major criteria:

  1. the applicant must be a HK registered company not older than 2 years from the date of application submission
  2. the applying company must have at least one (Incu-App) or two (Incu-Tech & Incu-Bio) Full Time staff
  3. at least 50% of all Full Time staff are technical, working on project research and development
  4. the technical person or team must individually or collectively, own at least 10% of the company’s equity"
Q: How to submit my application?

Please first register at PartnersConnect Portal, then apply through this online platform. 

Q: Can overseas companies apply for the incubation programmes?

Yes, we welcome applications from overseas companies as long as the mandatory admission criteria, Incu-Tech, Incu-Bio are fulfilled, and all the staff must be able to work in Hong Kong legally.

Q: Is there any timeframe for application?

All three Incubation programmes are open for applications all year round.

Q: Does HKSTP provide off-site incubation programmes?

All incubatees will be allocated dedicated work space in the Technology Incubation Centre at the Hong Kong Science Park, as a major venue for their R&D activities.

Q: We are a software development company, should I apply for Incu-App or Incu-Tech?

Generally speaking, it depends on the project scale and its complexity. Projects involving big data analytic, employment of sophisticated algorithm, large scale software platform...etc could consider applying to Incu-Tech, while Incu-App is designed for the development and application of mobile apps, web portals...etc.

Q: Can I join more than one incubation programmes at the same time? 

A shareholder working for the applying company cannot be a shareholder or former shareholder of previous or current incubatees in  HKSTP, Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company or Hong Kong Design Centre, unless the two companies are working in different fields of technology.

Q: Can spin-off companies apply for the programmes?

The Incubation Programmes aim at nurturing young technology-based startups with limited resources. Spin-off companies with sufficient supports are not the programmes target clients, and therefore would not be accepted. 

Q: Does HKSTP expect financial return from the admitted incubation companies?

We do not take equity from nor share revenue with our incubation companies. 

Q: How do I get the funding from the incubation programmes?

Milestone assessments are conducted at the end of 3rd month and every 6 months thereafter during the incubation period, a proportion of the total funding will be granted upon each satisfactory milestone assessment.

Q: What kind of premises are available during the incubation period?

Depending on availability, admitted companies can choose between workstations, individual office or wet lab (actual unit will be assigned by HKSTP). For subsidised rental rates, please refer to Incu-App, Incu-Tech, Incu-Bio.​

Q: What is the admission procedure?

Generally speaking, once the complete set of application with supporting documents are received, the processing period takes around 8-10 weeks time, which includes a casual interview, due diligence, and a presentation with Q&A at an Admission Panel Meeting.