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Q: How can we lease space in Hong Kong Science Park?
To lease space in Science Park, you can contact cluster manager for R&D offices leasing or the venue manager for retail, F&B shops leasing.

Q: We meet the admission criteria. Does it mean we will get admitted into Hong Kong Science Park?
Every application will be reviewed by HKSTP, and space allocation for new applicants is subject to the availability of units and a waitlist of approved applications previously in line at Science Park.

Q: We are a high tech company. Can we set up a sales & marketing / logistics / back office admin operation in Science Park?
An application shall engage in technology intensive business and place knowledge-based innovation functions that encompass decision making, research, product and market development, advanced manufacturing, customer support and associated services as a significant part of its operations in the Park.

Q: How long is the lease term? Can it be shorter or longer? Any break clause?
Standard lease term is 3-year with no break clause.

Q: How long does it take for the application to be processed and approved?
From submission of a completed application with required supporting documents, it takes around 3 to 4 months to process the application and eventually sign the lease.

Q: What types of companies can operate at Science Park?
Companies engaged mainly in R&D in the five focused technology clusters including Bio-Technology, Electronics, Green Technology, Information Technology & Telecommunications, and Precision Engineering can operate at Science Park. Besides, professional service companies and professional associations can also apply for tenancy in the Park.

For professional service companies, we welcome professional companies providing value-added services (e.g. IP service providers, Corporate service providers (mainly accounting and legal service providers), and HR (including IT) outsourcing service providers).

Q: Can overseas-based companies apply for tenancy in Science Park?
Yes. We welcome tenancy applications from the Hong Kong registered branch of overseas-based companies and all the staff must be legally working in Hong Kong.

Q: Are the tenancy programmes funded by the Government?
HKSTP is wholly owned by the HKSAR Government. However there is no special subsidy from the Government.

Q: What are the tax implications / exemptions for companies operating in Science Park?
Basically the HKSAR Government does not offer any tax benefits for specifically for companies in Science Park. However there is a cash rebate programme under the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) administered by the Innovation and Technology Commission, HKSAR Government.

Q: Can the technology applicant request for wet lab premises?
Yes. We have fully furnished wet lab premises for Biotech companies. Non-Biotech companies may also apply for such facilities, if deemed necessary.