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Q: How can we lease space in InnoCentre?
To lease space in InnoCentre you have to complete below steps:

  1. Applicants must be design-orientated. Please check against the Admissions Criteria in our website before application.

  2. Submit all required supporting documents for qualification.

  3. Due diligence visit scheduled to verify information and design qualification of the applicant.

  4. Complete L Form for processing, and on approval applicant will enter into wait listing for space allocation and selection.

Q: How long does it takes for the application?

Normally it takes around 2 to 3 months for processing the application.

Q: Is there any application fee for admission?

No fee is required during the application.

Q: We meet the Admissions Criteria. Does it mean we will get admitted into InnoCentre?

The qualification of the applicants will be reviewed by the management of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) for approval, and space allocation for new applicants is subject to the availability of units and a waitlist of approved applications previously in line at InnoCentre.

Q: We are a design company. Can we set up a sales & marketing / logistics / back office admin operation in InnoCentre?

An applicant should engage at least 50% or more of space and manpower in design-related activities; the remaining percentage can be used for headquarters functions, such as financial control, marketing and administration.

Q: How long is the lease term? Can it be shorter or longer? Any break clause?

Standard lease term is 3-year with no break clause.

Q: What types of companies can operate at InnoCentre?

Priority will be given to companies as follow:

  1. Companies are market leaders (actual or potential) engaged in design activities.

  2. Companies have a long-term commitment to building innovation and/or creativity competence in Hong Kong through investment in people and intellectual property.

  3. Companies would provide a significant number of high value-added innovation jobs locally.

  4. Companies would contribute to strengthen the design capabilities in Hong Kong.

Q: Can overseas-based company apply for the tenancy in InnoCentre?

Yes. We welcome applications from the Hong Kong registered branch of the overseas-based companies. It is preferred to have a local registered limited company to operate while all the staff must be legally working in Hong Kong.

Q: Are the tenancy programmes funded by the Government?

There is no special subsidy from the HKSAR Government.

Q: What are the tax implications / exemptions when the companies operate in InnoCentre?

Basically HKSAR Government does not offer any tax benefits for companies which operate in InnoCentre.