At Science Park, our electronic partner companies enjoy an undeniable benefit. 

From a full range of highly-tailorable labs or technical centres staffed by industry experts, to various support services, Science Park offers total solutions to our technology partners. 

3D printing with metals or plastics, time-shared labs, experienced engineers that help save costs and reduce time to market and ensure IP protection…these are just some of the benefits that our partners enjoy. 

Facilities At A Glance:

  1. Probe and Test Centre – Enjoy a full range of sophisticated automated testing equipment for system on chip (SoC), analog, mixed signal, radio frequency (RF), digital product testing and cost-effective Electronics Design and Automated Tools.
  2. Reliability Laboratory – Ensuring that your products are top-of-the line. IC device qualification support, electronic product environmental qualification tests and stress tests...these are just a few of the services our partner companies enjoy. 
  3. IC Failure Analysis Laboratory – Details can be the difference between success and failure. Using high-precision wafer level analysis equipment, ensure that your electronic products are perfect in every way.