Biomedical Technology
Biomedical technology is now undoubtedly one of the keys to humanity’s survival and well-being. 

The days of futuristic diagnostic devices or life saving treatment are here now, and HKSTP is at the forefront of driving technology that will redefine the field of medicine.

Our goal in this area is simple – to foster innovative medical technology that will improve the lives of our fellow man.  

Medical devices and stem cell therapic, therapeutic and personal care, regenerative and Chinese medicine…many of these cutting-edge inventions and operations are based out of Science Park or at our industrial estates.  

They’ve partnered with HKSTP because they share our vision, our vision to create innovative technology and make the world a better place. In return, we not only offer support services, we offer some of the most advanced laboratories, equipped with the latest machinery and equipment for R&D. 

At the heart of our biotech-related facilities is our state-of-the-art Biotech Support Centre – a fully-equipped shared facility that houses a next generation DNA sequencer, 5-color cell sorter and high resolution mass spectrometer, to name but a few items. 

Our Biotech Centres offers more than 263,000 sq ft (24,430 sq m) of furnished and unfurnished lettable laboratories and technical centres that can be tailored to meet any needs. These well thought-out spaces can include utilities such as purified water, nitrogen gas, compressed air and vacuum.

Many of these companies are targeting international markets and especially Mainland China.