Clusters in Focus
Re-industrialisation Development Blue Print

The technology revolution is about to kick off, a momentous event that we’ve been preparing for since 2001.

At our inception, our best minds came together and identified five key technology clusters that have the potential to transform Hong Kong into a new epicentre of tech innovation.




Green Technology



Information &

Material Precision

Material and

We grouped companies together in these clusters, ensured clear channels of communication and most importantly, created a plethora of opportunities for the cross-fertilisation of ideas, the sharing of expertise and business collaborations.

And our strategy has been a huge success.

This mingling has given birth to new ideas and produced cutting-edge technology that has changed the industry it was launched in. This strategy empowers HKSTP’s partner companies by allowing them to pool their resources, ideas and expertise, and do so much more with less.

Through the years, HKSTP has become renowned in the region and globally as a breeding ground for ideas, a stimulating environment where the ideal facilities and support services make great ideas into outstanding ideas.

We’re known as an enabler who drives tech innovation by always identifying the trends and ideal market opportunities ahead of time, helping tech businesses commercialise their products and raising their profiles to the world stage.

Our strategy of using clusters, and encouraging team work, has built a cohesive and powerful base from which to work from.

As we continue to drive innovation via these clusters, they’re the base from which we will be part of the new tech revolution in the areas of Smart City, Healthy Ageing and Robotics.

Find out more about our clusters, as well as our full service incubation programmes that nurture technology startups at different stages of development, in this section.