What We Do?
At HKSTP, we have one mission – to change the world we live in with technology.

By driving the development of innovative and technologically advanced products and services, we can reshape the lives of everyday citizens, and bring about a golden age of technology. 

All our initiatives, all our programmes and all our work are guided by this goal.

On this journey towards our goal, we will foster the next generation of scientific talent, turn Hong Kong into a centre for technological innovation, enhance the city’s diversified economy, and guide Hong Kong into a new era of prosperity.

Areas of focus

Our work centres five (5) key clusters (Biomedical Technology, Electronics, Green Technology, Information & Communications Technology [ICT], and Material & Precision Engineering); and the development of three (3) over-arching cross-disciplinary platforms (Smart City, Healthy Ageing and Robotics).

We take your ideas further

To ensure that our partner companies in these fields reach their full potential, HKSTP not only offers state-of-the-art laboratories, R&D offices and complementary facilities, we also offer business support services in the areas of marketing, legal and even investment matching.

Teamwork is a Win-Win solution

In terms of fostering talent, we collaborate with numerous partners, from universities to regional and overseas organisations, to give the next generation of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and innovators the opportunities expand their horizons and bring their ideas to life.

What’s more, our Acceleration and Incubation programmes ensure that elite technology talent, from Hong Kong or around the world, have the ideal environment(s) to work in, so that they can help bring about the next technology revolution.

Most importantly, HKSTP is here to serve the people of Hong Kong and foster the innovative scientific talent and innovations that will take the city into its next stage of economic development.

For more information on HKSTP’s services, explore this section in detail.