Life Science Equipment Support


  1. To ensure the availability of various R&D tools or platforms for supporting researchers.
  2. To provide quality technical support in assisting local life science research activities.
  3. To reduce the financial burden for life science startups in the acquisition and maintenance of expensive instruments.
  4. To enable knowledge sharing and networking among partner companies through various in-house activities, thereby enhancing research efficiency and partnership opportunity.
The BSC was opened in March 2009 to serve the Biotech cluster in the areas of:
  1. Therapeutics
  2. Medical devices and diagnostics
  3. Chinese medicine
  4. Regenerative medicine
  5. Molecular tools and reagents

Today, BSC has a total floor space of about 8,700 sq. ft. It is a central facility, which comprises Workstation/Utility Room, Culture Room, Dark Room, Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, Microscope Room, Genomics Laboratory, Proteomics Laboratory, Bioanalysis Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, and Server Room.  We provide more than 60 pieces of ready-to-use life sciences instruments for shared R&D use. 

In addition to the laboratory instruments, BSC also offers world-class Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), University Advanced Laboratory Equipment Collaboration Programme (an extended laboratory instrument service), and Convenience Laboratory Product Purchase Plan (CLPPP – a common laboratory consumable stock room service) to the life science community.
Equipment List

Equipment Details

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Spectrophotometry system

Multimode microplate reader

UV-Vis spectrophotometer


Flow Cytometry system

Flow cytometer (analyzer)

Flow cytometer (cell sorter)

Multiplex bead based system


Genomics system

Genetic sequencers

Real Time - PCR




Bioanalysis system

Capillary electrophoresis system

Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry system - triple quadrupole/ion trap

Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry system - triple quadrupole/TOF

Ultra performance liquid chromatography system


Microscope system

Fully automated inverted fluorescence microscope

Fully automated upright fluorescence microscope

Inverted fluorescence microscope

Micro-injection system

Micropipette puller and microforge



Protein Production & Purification system

Roller culture incubator

Fast protein liquid chromatography system

Incubator shaker (with refrigeration)

Shaking carbon dioxide incubator

Carbon dioxide incubator


Preparative freeze-drying system

Preparative membrane ultrafiltration system


Other Equipment


Biosafety cabinet

Centrifuge (temp controlled)

Chemical fumehood

CO2 incubator

Convection oven

Dri-block heater

Electrohydrodynamic jet printing system


Freeze dryer

Freezer (-20 deg C)

Freezer (-80 deg C)

Gel imaging system

Glass washer and dryer

Hot plate with stirrer

Ice maker

Inverted microscope

Isoelectric Electric Focusing system

Microcentrifuge (table top)

Nitrogen evaporator

Orbital shaking incubator

pH meter

Power supply for SDS-PAGE

Refrigerator (4 deg C)


Shaking water bath

Solvent filtration system

Texture analyzer

Thermal cycler

Ultrasonic cell disruptor/homogenizer

Ultrasonic cleaner

Vertical diffusion cell system

Vortex mixer

Water purification system

Weight balance

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)


We offer the laboratory information management solution to startups and large enterprises. The highly flexible, workflow-based LIMS in Hong Kong Science Park targets to support scientific data centric operations like biotechnology, food and beverage, forensic, biobanks, environmental, government laboratories, and contract laboratories. It is an ideal tool for someone searching for a simple, but effective and trusted solution to securing data. The system could be deployed with a large variety of configurations that are adapted to different work processes.


  1. User friendly, intuitive, Explorer like interface
  2. Web interface
  3. Integration with external systems
  4. Built-in instrument integration
  5. Workflow engine to model the lab’s business logic
  6. Automatically aggregate and organise scientific information
  7. Integrated complex reporting tool
  8. Platform neutral data storage and archiving
  9. Plate handling functionality
  10. Trending functions for quality control
  11. Storage management
  12. Product and specification management
  13. Certificate management
  14. Stock management


  1. Our flexible charging scheme provides an on demand subscription service which reduces the upfront investment and on-going operating expenses.
  2. Help to reduce cycle times and make electronic records easier to find and retrieve.
  3. Enable the company to apply analyst time to the highest valued use.
  4. Make the data more valuable as it is structured and preserved over time.
  5. Possess the functions to record and protect common intellectual assets.
  6. Save hours with reporting automation.
  7. Access and share key information with stakeholders with minimum effort.
University Equipment Collaboration Programme (UECP)
The programme offers advanced life science instrument services to Hong Kong Science Park partner companies. For the list of instruments available, please click one of the following links:
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Baptist University
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
The University of Hong Kong