IC Test Development & Pilot Production
  • We provide a series of services for IC Test Development and  Pilot Production:
    • Test program development for digital, mixed-signal, RF and memory products
    • Loadboard design
    • Probe card design
    • Characterisation programme development
    • Tester platform conversion
    • Production yield analysis and yield improvement
    • Test time reduction
  • We have the equipment to support probing of full wafer as well as manual probing of MPW wafer.
  • We can help to do full measurement according to device specification. This can be done on ATE or in the lab.
  • Characterisation is the process of understanding how your devices will behave in extreme or non-standard conditions. This can either be design related or wafer fabrication process induced. We can help to define and execute on device parameters characterisation depending on customer's needs.
Equipment List
Class ATE Vendor & Model Application Picture
Mixed Signal Tester Verigy V93000 PS800 Verigy V93000 PS800 test system has the ability to test the most complex, high pin count and high performance SoC devices. Verigy V93000 PS800 Mixed Signal Tester
  Verigy V93000 PS400 Verigy V93000 PS400 test system is an entry-level cost-of-test solution for low-end digital and mixed-signal consumer products. Verigy V93000 PS400 Mixed Signal Tester
  Credence ASL 1000 The ASL1000, the original member of the ASL family, with greater than 1000 systems installed, supports up to 19 instruments in a fully configured system. Credence ASL 1000 Mixed Signal Tester
Digital Tester Teradne J750 Teradyne J750 provides a digital test platform with 100MHz 512 digital channels. Teradne J750 Digital Tester
Pick & Place Test Hander Delta EDGE The Delta EDGE is an x1 to x4 site pick-and-place handler for tray-based packages. Its standard package size range is 3mm x 3mm up to 40mm x 40mm and includes BGA, QFP, TQFP, TSOP and QFN. Delta EDGE Pick & Place Test Hander
  Hontech HT-7045 High UPH Epson compatible pick-and-place handler. Hontech HT-7045 Pick & Place Test Hander
Wafer Prober TSK UF200A, UF3000 These wafer probers can handle wafer sizes of 5, 6, 8 and 12 inches, and are auto-sizing. TSK UF200A, UF3000 Wafer Prober
ThermoStream Temptronic TPO4310A TPO4310A is a Thermal Inducing Systems that quickly and conveniently bring small and large devices, modules, PCBs, and other assemblies to precise temperature at the tester or application site. Temperature range is -75°C to +225°C. Temptronic TPO4310A ThermoStream
Lead Scanner ICOS CI-T120 The latest innovations in vision technology, high speed and superior vision accuracy in component handling. ICOS CI-T120 Lead Scanner