Bio-Analytical Services


  1. To ensure the availability of various R&D tools or platforms for supporting researchers.
  2. To provide quality technical support in assisting local life science research activities.
  3. To reduce the financial burden for life science startups in the acquisition and maintenance of expensive instruments.
  4. To enable knowledge sharing and networking among partner companies through various in-house activities, thereby enhancing research efficiency and partnership opportunity.
The BSC was opened in March 2009 to serve the Biotech cluster in the areas of:
  1. Therapeutics
  2. Medical devices and diagnostics
  3. Chinese medicine
  4. Regenerative medicine
  5. Molecular tools and reagents
Today, BSC has a total floor space of about 8,700 sq. ft. It is a central facility, which comprises Workstation/Utility Room, Culture Room, Dark Room, Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, Microscope Room, Genomics Laboratory, Proteomics Laboratory, Bioanalysis Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, and Server Room.  We provide more than 60 pieces of ready-to-use life sciences instruments for shared R&D use. 

In addition to the laboratory instruments, BSC also offers world-class Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), University Advanced Laboratory Equipment Collaboration Programme (an extended laboratory instrument service), and Convenience Laboratory Product Purchase Plan (CLPPP – a common laboratory consumable stock room service) to the life science community.
Consultancy Service
  1. Autoclave service
  2. Genetic sequencing service
  3. Cell imaging service
  4. Multiplex protein interaction studies
  5. HPLC analysis
  6. LC-MS analysis