3D IC Packaging

3D SiP Laboratory

3D SiP Laboratory (phase 1) was launched in mid-2013 providing advance IC packaging R&D and small volume pilot production to the industry, in partnership with Applied Science and Technology Research Institute.

Future SiP modules are characterized by a trend towards ever increasing functionality, decreasing size and thickness, decreasing power consumption and a continuous trend on cost reduction. This trend goes together with continuous IC scaling where more and more functions are added around CMOS through SoC.

SiP technology is considered as one of the key solutions to solve the issues above and here are the advanced technologies.

3-dimensional (3D) packaging technologies exploit the third or Z height dimension to provide a volumetric packaging solution for higher integration and performance. 3D packaging has become critical to integrating the multi-media features consumers demand in smaller, lighter products. This increasing functionality requires higher memory capacity in more complex and efficient memory architectures.

New product designs (cell phones, digital cameras, PDAs, audio players and mobile gaming) demand that these features be delivered in innovative form factors and styling. 3D packaging is experiencing high growth and new applications by delivering the highest level of silicon integration and area efficiency at the lowest cost.

Benefits of Three Dimensional (3D) Packages

The high growth and development of multiple 3D packaging technologies are due to the system level benefits provided, including:
  • Size and weight reduction through more semiconductor functions per cm² of PWB space and cm³ of application space.
  • Enable more design freedom to create innovative new form factors and styling through volumetric packaging approach.
  • Enables higher electrical performance through shorter interconnect architectures with Stacking.
  • Reduced system level cost   
Equipment List
Heller 1706EXL Solder Reflow oven
Heller 1706EXL Solder Reflow oven with 7 zones (6 Heat Zone and 1 Cool Zone)
It can meet the advanced reflow application around the world.

Kao Kong ST-75 Molding machine
Kao Kong ST-75 Molding machine.
Transfer Mold Press 75 tons for Molding

Sunny Hydraulic Trim Press TF-5 tons
Sunny Hydraulic Trim Press TF-5 tons
Trim and Form Machine for QFP and SOIC Product


The AUTOTRONIK BS1400 is a very accurate automatic SMT stencil printer. With the powerful AT-align automatic fiducial finding and PCB board offset adjustment system, you can just press the start key, the PCB alignment and printing process will be fully automatic, which is very suitable for precision batch printing.

AUTOTRONIK BS383V Auto pick and place machine
AUTOTRONIK BS383V Auto pick and place machine
The AUTOTRONIK BS383V Auto pick and place machine with high accuracy, high flexibility for
-0201, QFP (0.5mm pitch), BGA, SOIC, PLCC

PINK VADU100 Vacuum soldering system
PINK  VADU100 Vacuum soldering system
PINK  VADU100 Vacuum soldering system is equipped with separate zones for soldering and cooling and can be operated with paste as well as preforms.

KOMEG Fast rate chamber
KOMEG Fast rate chamber
KOMEG Fast rate chamber, temperature range -70C to 180C
Heat up at 5C/min and cool down at 7C/min
Interior size at W500 x H300 x D200mm

ADT 7100 Dicing Saw machine
ADT 7100 Dicing Saw machine
ADT 7100 Dicing Saw machine for 8-inch wafer or below with ADT 947, the Water Resistivity Control (CO2 bubbler) and ADT 977, Wafer Cleaning system.
The manual wafer mounting system and UV curing system also provided.

Datacon 2200 evo high-accuracy multi-chip die bonder
Datacon 2200 evo high-accuracy multi-chip die bonder
The Datacon 2200 evo high-accuracy multi-chip die bonder provides the ultimate flexibility for die attach as well as for flip chip applications. Equipped with integrated dispenser, 8” wafer handling, automatic tool changer, and application specific tooling, the Datacon 2200 evo is prepared for present and future processes and products.

High Performance at High Accuracy
  • Highest accuracy ± 10 µm @ 3 Sigma (7 µm on request)
  • High productivity, low cost-of-ownership
  • Up to 4 working heads in one machine
  • Multi-Chip Capability
  • Single pass production for complex products
  • Die attach, flip chip, multi-chip in one machine
  • Epoxy writing & stamping, flux dipping
  • Unbeaten Flexibility
  • Die pick from wafer, waffle pack, gel pack, feeder
  • Die place to carrier, boat, substrate, PCB, lead frame, wafer
  • Hot and cold processes supported: epoxy, soldering, thermo-compression
  • MCM, SiP, Hybrids

The Hesse GmbH as technology leader has designed the only heavy wire bondhead with non destructive pull test and a unique transducer integrated sensor for 100% quality monitoring in real-time. Further outstanding features are high speed and the largest bonding area. Advanced features available on BONDJET BJ939 are designed to meet your present and future requirements and greatly enhance productivity.

Working area
• X/Y: 350 mm x 500 mm (13.8" x 19.7")

Optional: X/Y: 350 mm x 560 mm (13.8" x 22.0")
• Z: 50 mm (2")
• P-rotation: 400°

• Digital ultrasonic generator
• Frequency: 10 kHz up to 600 kHz, power: 50 W  optional 100 W
• Transducers available: 40 kHz, 60 kHz and 100 kHz

• Al, Au, Cu (aluminium, gold, copper)
• 100 μm up to 500 μm (4 mil up to 20 mil)
• Optional: 75 μm up to 500 μm (2.9 mil up to 20 mil)

• 0.075 mm x 0.75 mm up to 0.3 mm x 2 mm

Eagle Xpress
Eagle Xpress

Thanks to its new transport, the Xpress can handle lead frames that are up to 100 mm wide. Its bonding accuracy was optimized to 2 µm, and ASM's GoCu technology enables it to operate faster with lower-cost copper wire than with gold wire. These features make the ASM Xpress particularly interesting for European electronics manufacturers looking for a more flexible and precise wire bonding solution for their development activities as well as for flexible production. In addition, the new and unique Auto Wire Rethread System and dual wire clamping capability of the Xpress ensures that the bonding wire is clamped in place and automatically rethreaded after a break. This minimizes the downtime and improves the productivity of the application.

GoCu technology and lead frames up to 100 mm wide
• Lead frames/substrates up to 100 mm width
• Auto Gold to Copper conversion
• Bonding Copper with speed and efficiency of Gold and even more
• Accuracy improved to 2 µm
• Ultra low loop capability of 50 µm

Asymtek Manual die attached dispensing system
Asymtek Manual die attached dispensing system

Nordson MARCH AP-1000 Plasma Cleaning System
Nordson MARCH AP-1000 Plasma Cleaning System
The Nordson MARCH AP-1000 Plasma Cleaning System is designed to meet the rigorous demands of 24-hour operation in high performance manufacturing environments. The system delivers uniform plasma treatment with unmatched reliability, safety and ease of operation.

The AP-1000 platform is completely self-contained, requiring minimal floor space. The pump, chamber, control electronics, and 13.56 MHz RF generator are housed in a single enclosure. Full front access allows for convenient access to all interior components. The pump is positioned on rollers for easy removal.

West Bond Manual Wire Bonder
West Bond Manual Wire Bonder