Incu-App Programme

incu-appsWe now live in the Mobile First world.

In Hong Kong alone, the smartphone penetration rate* soars at 227%, while 20% of Hongkongers own five or more connected devices. And these numbers are only growing.
In recent years, web/mobile-related startups have exploded onto the startup scene, and HKSTP is helping to develop this high-potential industry.
Incu-App is a tailored 18-month incubation programme for web/mobile application technology startups.
One of HKSTP’s most popular and sought after programmes, startups who apply successfully, will enjoy a full range of tailor-made support services and facilities that will help drive their businesses to the next level of development.
Companies in the following technology areas may apply to the programme:

  • Web-based applications
  • Smartphone-based applications
  • PC / Internet / smartphone / console games

Explore the Incu-App Programme further in this section.

Strategic Partners

To become the best, you must work with the best.
Incu-App incubatees will be able to tap the expertise of the leading web/mobile companies in the world, especially those in content development, application platforms and market support value chain.
By expanding their horizons and working on different platforms, Incu-App incubatees can accelerate their development cycle and make their offerings truly world class.
HKSTP has partnership arrangements with:

Amazon Web Services
App Annie
Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.
CITIC Telecom International Holdings Ltd
Cluster Technology Ltd
Google Hong Kong Limited
AdBeyond (Group) Limited
Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited
Hong Kong Business Angel Network Ltd.
HKT Limited
Kingsoft Corporation Limited
Outblaze Ltd.
Samsung Electronics HK Co., Ltd
SoftLayer Technologies. Inc
Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association
Sony Mobile Communication International AB
Microsoft Hong Kong Ltd.
PayPal Hong Kong
Yahoo Hong Kong
Go Animate

Office Premises

During the incubation period, admitted incubatees will be offered a premises1 at Hong Kong Science Park / InnoCentre, with free or subsidised rental period as shown in the below table2 .

Type Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4

Co-working space
Incu-App Centre

Fixed Desk: Month 0-18: HK$820/ workstation/ month
(for the first two workstations)

Month 19 onwards: HK$1,640/workstation/ month

Hot Desk: HK$400/workstation/ month

Co-working space
Lion Rock 72

Fixed Desk: Month 0-18: HK$1,160/ workstation/ month Month 19 onwards: HK$2,320/workstation/ month
Hot Desk: HK$500/workstation/ month

Office premises

Management Fee2 HK$6.8/ ft2/ month

Management Fee HK$6.8/ ft2/ month

Subsidised Rental HK$12/ ft2/ month

Wet lab premises

Management Fee2 HK$13/ ft2/ month

Management Fee HK$13/ ft2/ month

Subsidised Rental HK$13.3/ ft2/ month

Electricity is covered by the above charges. All charges shown in the above table are subject to change without prior notice.

As general guidelines for office space allocation, each full-time staff from the company who works in the offered premises at Hong Kong Science Park is offered with 100 ft2 lettable3 . Maximum office space available is 1,600 ft2.

Continued entitlement of the above subsidised rental rate is subject to the achievement of six-monthly milestones assessments. Failing to comply may result in early termination from the Incubation Porgramme, and move out from the Incubation Centre.

receptions incu-appcentres pantrys
equipment_rooms labs kowloon-city
kowloontongs lionrock shekkipmeis

  1. Premises are assigned by HKSTP, size and types are subject to availability.
  2. Free rental for the first year is applicable to a maximum of 800 ft2, additional space is charged at the subsidised rental rate.
  3. These guidelines are for reference only, for detailed terms and condition, please refer to HKSTP' s licence agreement.

Financial Aid Package

To ensure that incubatees have higher chances of succeeding, HKSTP offers each and every company a fund of up to HKD60,000 to cover R&D and business development expenses.
To access this funding, incubatees are subject to milestone assessments conducted at the end of month 3 and every 6 months thereafter during the incubation period. Based on progress and performance, each incubatee may have access to a financial grant of HKD 20,000 per assessment, which purpose is to help incubatees covering part of their operation costs.

Milestone Assessment

As Incu-App incubatees represent the best in their field, so we also expect the best.
Milestone assessments are conducted at the end of month 3 and every 6 months thereafter during the incubation period, in areas including but not limited to:
These milestones must include the following: 

  • Product development
  • Business development
  • Corporate development
  • Cash flow status
  • HKSTP service used
Unsatisfactory milestone assessment may result in early termination of the incubation licence, together with all benefits offered by the programme.

Mandatory Admission Criteria

The applicant should meet the following conditions to apply for the Incu-App Programme:
  • An applicant must be a Hong Kong registered technology start-up company established for no more than 2 years before the date of application. HKSTP may request for proof including but not limited to audited financial report of the company.
  • Founding team members must hold more than 50% of the company at the time of application submission. Founding members must be individual shareholders or non-operating holding companies (as reflected by the Articles of Association or any other valid proof).
  • Minimum one full time staff in the company, and all staff must be able to work in Hong Kong legally. The team of full-time engineers and technologists must, individually or collectively, own at least 10% of the company's equity. If the applicant has technology from a University and the applicant is approved by the said University, any shares held by the founding university professor(s) shall count towards the 10% equity ownership requirement.
  • At least 50% of full time staff must be engaged in technology related work.
  • Implementation of R&D activities at the Incubation Centre. It cannot operate a sales and marketing office only.
  • No retail activities or massive production at the Incubation Centre.
  • The applicant's office and work bench set up at the Incubation Centre must be environmentally friendly (i.e. must not create smell, noise or other elements which may disturb others) and should not handle hazardous materials, and must be able to operate in an office building
  • Normally, a shareholder working for the applicant cannot be a shareholder or former shareholder who is working for or worked for any of the following:

    (i) more than two other companies in the same field as applicant that have previously joined and failed to graduate from any incubation programme operated by HKSTP, Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company or Hong Kong Design Centre (together the “HK Incubators”);

    (ii) a company in the same field as applicant that has previously joined and graduated from any incubation programme operated by any of the HK Incubators; or

    (iii) a company in the same field as applicant currently in any incubation programme operated by any of the HK Incubators.
  • Requirement of less than 1,600 square feet of office space
  1. In case of successful application, the applicant needs to fulfill the admission criteria throughout the incubation period, and maintain at least 1 full-time staff member at the office at Hong Kong Science Park Technology Incubation Centre, where they should conduct the core R & D.
  2. The applicants should have a full disclosure of shareholder's identity and holding (up to the top level) of the applying entity. The general guideline is that should there be corporate shareholders, they should not be mature companies in the same industry involving R & D of the same or similar products.

Other Qualitative Assessment Criteria

  1. Quality and competence of the management team
  2. Sound business plan
  3. Innovativeness
  4. R&D content
  5. Milestones set for every 3-6 months after move-in Application Procedure

Application form

Application Procedure
Step 1: Fill out and submit the online application form, upload requested supporting documents including but not limited to:

a. Business plan

b. CVs

c. Company documents (e.g. business registration, certificate of incorporation, annual return / NNC1. For details, please refer to the Application Guidelines above)

Step 2: HKSTP to contact the applicant for a casual interview
Step 3: The applicant be invited to an admission panel meeting – project presentation & Q&A
Step 4: Assessment result

Assessment Panel
The assessment panel comprises HKSTP’s senior management and key market players, including but not limited to the following companies:
  • CITIC Telecom International Holdings Ltd.
  • Cluster Technology Ltd.
  • Google Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.
  • Hong Kong Business Angel Network Ltd.
  • HKT Limited
  • Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association
  • Microsoft Hong Kong Ltd.
  • Samsung Electronics HK Co., Ltd.