Corporate Venture Fund
At HKSTP, we want to turn great ideas into outstanding ideas.
And sometimes, our partner companies simply have an initial concept.
But a concept that has the potential to change the world.
We recognised the need to foster and nurture these early-stage technology startups, so our local talent have an opportunity to bring change on a global scale.
The Corporate Venture Fund (CVF) was created for this sole purpose, and combines HKSTP’s resources with those of private investors.

With an initial HKD50 million earmarked for this goal, the CVF hopes to:

  1. Offer seed and Series A funding to high-potential early-stage technology companies to foster their ideas
  2. Expand Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem by encouraging more private funding from angel and VC investors
Of course, all returns on investment will be recycled back into the CVF to fund other early-stage Hong Kong technology startups.
For more information or to submit a teaser or business plan, please email the CVF team at

CVF Details

The CVF is an HKSTP-created fund that gives early-stage Hong Kong technology startups a chance to fully develop their ideas and create revolutionary new tech products and services.

With broad-stroke criteria and substantial initial investments of up to HKD8 million, the CVF is set to inspire the city’s entrepreneurs and drive the level of innovation to new highs.

CVF At A Glance

Investment Eligibility
The CVF is earmarked for Seed Stage up to Series A funding rounds, and eligible early-stage Hong Kong-registered technology start-ups include:

  1. HKSTP Incubatees
  2. Incubation Programme graduates
  3. Current Science Park tenants

Investment Criteria
A hand-picked Investment Committee oversees the CVF, and all investment decisions are made only after a thorough assessment of the following criteria:

  1. A full business assessment
  2. Potential return on investment
  3. The capabilities of the co-investor(s)
Investment Amount
The CVF’s average investment will be HKD2-3 million, with an absolute maximum of HKD8 million.

To ensure that the CVF’s funds are efficiently managed, the CVF can:

  1. Only invest if there’s also a co-investor(s)
  2. Invest up to the same amount as being invested by the co-investor(s)
  3. Hold less than 20% of the equity of the startup
The investment will be at the same terms and valuations as that received by the co-investor.

Investment Process

The procedures for CVF investment are similar to those of a VC or Angel Investment fund:

  1. Receipt of Teaser/Business Plan
  2. Preliminary Due Diligence
  3. Negotiation of Terms
  4. Investment Committee Decision
  5. Termsheet
  6. Detailed/Confirmatory Due Diligence
  7. Finalise Definitive Documentation
  8. Closing

To offer tech startups maximum flexibility, they can identify a co-investor before submitting an application to the CVF, or work together with HKSTP, and explore our extensive networks, to find the ideal co-investor.