University & Industry Connect

At HKSTP, if our partner companies succeed, Hong Kong wins as well.
So to ensure that our tech startups reach their full potential, we collaborate with the top universities or technical institutes in Hong Kong or overseas, to create highly-effective and tailored initiatives that take our partner companies’ businesses to the next level.
We search out and work with the best, so that you reap all the benefits.

Initiatives include:

  • Consultancy, R&D and student projects, as well as student placement
  • Fostering collaborations between partner companies and local / global firms
  • Ensure a continuous supply of skilled manpower – nurture and ‘upgrade’ science and engineering talent  
  • Create extensive networks of industry players and professional organisations to foster exchanges & collaborations

Local Universities & Academic Institutes:

Local Universities and Academic Institutes

Overseas Universities & Academic Institutes:

Overseas Universities and Academic Institutes