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The “Technologies from Science Park” programme aims to accelerate innovation-based economic growth in Hong Kong through facilitating leading local enterprises to adopt home grown technologies and enabling local innovators to understand the hot trends and business challenges in respective industries.  Under this programme, HKSTP arranges business sharing and product demonstration sessions, as well as one-on-one business matching for enterprises and the technology companies at Science Park.

Since its launch in Mar 2015, HKSTP has built partnership with 18 leading business entities in Hong Kong.  The entities including Airport Authority Hong Kong, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, Computer And Technologies Holdings Limited, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited, Hang Lung Properties Limited, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, MTR, Sino Group and others have met with over 190 technology companies from Hong Kong Science Park to identify locally-grown solutions to enhance all aspects of business efficiency.

AAHKHong Kong International Airport X Pho Imaging

Amen Tong, General Manager, Technical Services of Airport Authority Hong Kong, said that Hong Kong International Airport learned about Pho Imaging’s “high-speed imaging” technology through HKSTP, and went on to explore the feasibility to apply the technology in airport operation and whether the technology can enhance the efficiency and precision of airfield ground lighting maintenance.

The technology is under proof-of-concept process including data-sampling and functional testing with respect to the technical requirements of the airfield ground lightings maintenance team at Hong Kong International Airport. The trial shows that the “high-speed imaging” technology can increase the efficiency of airfield ground lighting maintenance and enhance the aviation safety level.


MaximMaxim’s Caterers X Ackuis Technology

Committed to improving its industrial setup and enhancing its production process, Maxim’s Caterers connected with Ackuis Technology through HKSTP and adopted Ackuis’s product control management system. The powerful automated machine vision system helps Maxim’s carry out product inspection and data collection for constant online analysis. 

The process facilitates quality improvement for its food production lines to meet the specific standards of clients and deliver safe and high-quality food products for customers.

CLPCLP X Optical Sensing

CLP, a keen supporter of R&D in Hong Kong, collaborated with HKSTP to identify a matching and competitive local solution to monitor the temperature of the 132kV underground cables.

The Distributed Heat Sensing System developed by Science Park company Optical Sensing gauges real-time data for examining the “health” of the cables, much like a doctor making a diagnosis. It also enables the maintenance team to locate potential problems so that they can carry out immediate action. The solution helps enhance the reliability of power supply for CLP customers.

Ocean ParkOcean Park X MotherApp

Keenly aware that technology can improve operation and enhance the park experience for millions of visitors who visit the park every year, Ocean Park last year adopted the PFlow solution of Science Park company MotherApp. It is a unique advanced human traffic management system that integrates big data application and mobile technology to collect real-time visitor traffic information. This enables Ocean Park’s operations team to immediately adjust operational strategy and staff deployment to cater to visitor traffic. Through such traffic control and identification mechanisms, the park is able to improve the efficiency and the flexibility of operational and human resources management. Decisions can be made based on actual data and this helps optimise the park’s operational efficiency for delivering the best experience for visitors. 


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